Life is as beautiful as you make it.

In life there’s always going to be stress, worries and problems. No matter where you live, who you are and what you do – things are never perfect. During difficult times we tend to compare ourselves with others who “have it better” – they don’t have to work as hard (or at all) their lives seem to be problem and stress free. We tend to wish we could change things we have no control over – our work environment, the people we interact with, our problems and sometimes even our personality. We want the “picture perfect” life portrayed in movies and books – a beautiful life.

The truth of the matter is life is as beautiful as you make it. There’s no such thing as the “perfect” home, life or work environment. Yes sometimes it’s convenient to live in that delusion, because it gives us “right” to feel a little bit of self pity about how hard things are. But if we would only open our eyes to see how wonderful and beautiful our live ALREADY is – I’d dare say we’d be a whole lot happier.

In the face of another week of stressful exams and days filled with nothing but studies, today I decided to look for things that made my life beautiful – and here’s what I found

–          a stranger holding open the door for me for a good 2-3 minutes because he saw me walking up ahead

–          the sun shining down on me as I hurried in between classes

–          the PERFECT cup of hot cocoa

–          a boy sitting next to me during an exceptionally boring lecture smiling at me and then passing me a crossword puzzle because I looked bored (although I couldn’t solve it :P)

–          a juicy, crispy delicious apple

–          a long, luxurious hot shower

Simple things, little things, every day and common place things added up to make today seem extraordinary and special. But was it really? Perhaps if every day I took more time to look for the things that made me happy, the sad and the ugly wouldn’t matter so much anymore? Maybe I could learn to really appreciate my life for what it is – a wonderful adventure waiting to unfold.

So I challenge you all to one day look for all the things that make your life beautiful. It doesn’t take an exceptional amount of time and effort, but I promise you it will do a lot to change your perspective








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