How I survived the week.

Hi everyone.

Sorry I dissapeared there for a stretch. I had 3 exams back to back, so I’ve  been studying morning to night all this last week. I was so looking forward to a week of coming home, leisurly meals and blogging – but not so. Apparently I have another big exam coming up this week, and my parents asked me to help them with the grand opening of their buisness. To top it off I have a part time job – so I’ve been a busy little bee.

However, inspite of all the craziness I still found little ways to keep myself sane and keep my head screwed on straight.

1. Hot cocoa (thanks girl for this idea – best chocolate craving solution ever)


2. Little treats (a PERFETLY ripe and horribly overpriced kaki – but I sure enjoyed every juicy bite)

3. Moment of relaxation (a little evening family CSI watching when the brain refuses to function anymore)

4. Celebrating a sucsesses (I definitely passed 2 of those exams, I get the results of the 3rd next week).

5. A new found foodie favorite – millet. I’ve been eating it all week and I’m still not sick of it – it might be my new favorite grain.

Eaten savory – with red beans and brocolli (this combo would be amazing with nutritional yeast)

A new hot breakfast – millet/oatmeal hot cereal with sliced apples and cinnamon(would have been even better with a banana cooked in- I will post the recipie once I perfect it, as I think it has a lot of potential ;P)

6. Refusing to worry. There are things – like test exam results, that we have no control over, so I’m refusing to worry and will roll with the punches when (or if) they come.

What keeps you sane in crazy times?



  1. Aw,I’m so sorry about all the stress you’ve had to face lately! Although,I really admire your ability to accept & deal with it,you’re such a strong young lady! 😀
    Congrats on the exams that went so well,let me hear about the results later on,okay? 😉

  2. Adding a part-time job has got to add anxiety, especially when you are preparing for and taking exams. It’s good you have time away with family, CSI, and a little drinky drink! So where are you working?

  3. Congrats on those exams, you have a lot of work on your shoulders, but you are doing great!
    Millet is my fave grain as well! And hot cocoa is the best, I can´t imagine an evening withou a mug full of tasty cocoa 🙂

  4. Well done on the two exams you know about! I’m sure the third will be a pass too! 🙂 Good luck for the next one too! It’s a crappy time of year for exams, deadlines etc it’s definitely hard to stay sane, you’re right!
    Food definitely helps to keep me sane and gives you an excuse to relax when cooking! Win-win! 🙂

  5. Wow, 3 exams in a row? I bet you’re glad those are over!
    Hot chocolate. If I forget to take that to school tomorrow in my new mug I’m going to smack my forehead very hard when I realize I’ve forgotten it.

    Yes to not worrying! I need to work on that.

  6. Well done on passing two of your exams, I’m sure the third one went really well too!
    I haven’t watched CSI in such a long time, I miss that in my evenings of laziness.
    Yay for not worrying, I really need to learn to do the same, rolling with the punches and not stressing out is so important!
    Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

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