Raindrops and roses

And whiskers on kittens.

(To all of you who have never seen “Sound of music” this won’t make any sense. I was raised on that movie and it’s really a classic –so check it out).

I had one of those days. The days when you wake up and it’s dark and foggy outside, when you march to class wishing you could have stayed curled up in bed. Days where the professor yelled at you for something that wasn’t your fault, when you spent 45 minutes waiting for a lecture that got cancelled (and everyone knew about it but you ). When you come back to the dorm, eat, get ready to relax and realize you’re missing your class notes- the ones detailing what to study for the upcoming exam. Days when you spend hours studying and feel like you’ve acomplishe dnothing. Days when you just want to go home.

But while in the shower (the place where most my more insightful thoughts pop into my brain) I realized that there was only one way to turn a day like this around – and that is to remember my “favorite things”.

So without further ado – my favorite things about college life:

–          Hot showers – as many and as long as you like. Since I’m living in a dorm I just pay “rent” not untilities. So it’s no holds barred as far as showers go.

–          Hot cups of coffee – they take on a whole new meaning in cold weather like this.

–          Oatmeal breakfast (or rather overnight oats)- always a good start to the day.

–          Raw almond butter.

–          Psychology class (tomorrow:) )

–          My warm blanket.

–          Fresh bread from the bakery nearby.

–          Pre-class conversations (my classmates always have the oddest stories to tell)

–          The hustle and bustle of dorm life.

–          My anatomy professor (although she was the one that yelled today)

–          My fuzzy slippers

–          Knowing that I am on the road to pursuing my dreams.

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week – I’ve got 3 big tests coming up – plus a ton of assigments. But I’ll be back before long 🙂

Share a “favorite thing” of yours?

Got any quick ways of beating the blues?



  1. We must have ESP, I was just thinking of doing a post like this! The sound of music is the BEST!! Oh and your slippers are beyond cool heehee 🙂
    Some of my favorite things–snuggling with my dogs, sitting by the fireplace on Christmas morning, eating breakfast while hearing the birds wake up outside, and watching the sunrise 🙂

  2. Good luck for your tests,I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job on them! 🙂

    Favortie things: The feeling of being loved,
    my dog’s rapturous welcome 😉 ,
    the sound of my kitty purring on my blanket when going to bed,
    a hot tea or coffee when coming home on a cold day,
    the smile of a beeloved person & knowing about his/her hapiness.

  3. I had one of those days this morning too! 😦 Hope tomorrow is better!

    Some of my favourite things: Hot showers also, beds, coffee, books!

  4. Aww I’m sorry, that sounds like a lot of stress!
    Remembering your favourite things is definitely a good way to feel better 🙂
    I’m so with you on the hot showers because you don’t pay the bills whilst living in a dorm, same goes to the heating!
    I also love my nice warm blanket and my cozy slippers 🙂
    Hope your tests and assignments are going well!

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