WIAW – foodie confessions.

I have a theory that all food bloggers have confessions to make. You know, there are “behind” the scenes happenings that don’t make the blog. I mean, c’mon, it’s not possible to have such perfectly looking meals ALL the time right. Plus, anyone who takes pictures of their food and posts it on the internet for the world to see has gotta be kinda quirky – don’t cha’ think? However, I think instead of being embarrassed about our little oddities we should embrace them – because they make us into the unique (albeit occasionally somewhat odd) individuals that we are.

Confession nr 1: I occasionally will change my pre-made breakfast plans last minute because I get a really intense craving. If I don’t I’ll eat breakfast and STILL feel hungry for some reason. This happened this morning with my overnight oats. Last night I had the grand inspiration to make chocolate overnight oats – but then this morning I just wasn’t feeling them. So I went with what I was craving instead – and it was a good call.

 Whipped banana oats with salted peanuts and cherry preserves

Confession nr 2: I always try to copy other food bloggers ideas, but they rarely work as good for me as they do for them. After reading Alexandra’s pizza post I got super inspired and made this the next day for lunch. It wasn’t bad or anything – but I think her’s was better.

Confession nr 3 : I LOOOOOVE nutritional yeast and put it on everything. Actually the first time I tasted it I though “Gross, this tastes nothing like cheese”. But after a while it grew on me, and now it’s one of my favorite flavoring condiments.

A califlower, barley, mushroom pilaf with navy beans and a nutritional yeast sauce

Confession nr 4: I’ll occasionally have brilliant flashes of culinary inspiration, but when it comes down to it I don’t feel like/can’t eat what I’ve made 😦 So my poor family is left to clean up the leftovers (thank God they’re pretty used to what I cook now, so they never complain – maybe they’re just being nice 😉 )

A barley, beet, and white bean salad that I made but only got to taste 😦

Confession nr 5: I eat waaaay too much fiber when I’m at home. I mean anyone who can eat beans for lunch and a huge bowl of lentils for dinner is gonna have some issues later on 😛 It’s just a law of life. (However those “issues” are totally worth it in my book.)

Today’s family dinner – vegan chili, baked potatoes and green beans- yum!!

Yeasterday’s dinner, todays lunch – Oh She Glows curried lentil soup on brown rice – topped with peanuts and yogurt (which I ended up taking off later on – tastes better without)

Confession nr 6: I take pictures of my food and 99% of the time end up adding, taking away something from my plate. Don’t ask why I don’t just do this in the first place – I always realize what I REALLY want half-way through eating.

Baked beans on toast – after taking this picture I went back for seconds on beans and nixed the second toast – gotta keep your priorities straight 😉

Confession nr 7: I love baking vegan treats for my family members/relatives and having them rave about it – and than seeing the look on their faces when I tell them it has no animal products in it.

Mama Peas German chocolate cake – certainly a croud pleaseer. Topped with whipped cream and filled with cherry jam. Honestly, I prefered mine in the overnight oat form

Confession nr 8: I’ve been eating more dessert this week than the last 3 weeks at college combined. Being at home makes me feel I deserve to spoil myself ;


Chocolate cake bites

Apple oatmeal squares

And LOTS of 85% chocolate

Confession nr 9 : I’ve spent waaaay too much time uploading the pictures for this – time for me get some shut eye.

Happy November everyone!!

Got any confessions you want to share?



  1. I just randomly came across your blog and loved it, what great pictures, I to am a foodie, and I love how the pictures you take make you really really want to eat the food + its good for you!

    Thanks for a great blog- its made me hungry!

    – Sarah

  2. Baked beans on toast are a match made in HEAVEN, I swear!! My confession is that I have to have my hot food PIPING HOT otherwise it just doesn’t taste good to me. I have to go to the microwave halfway through my meal to heat it up, usually. I hate going to cafes and getting a hot chocolate that is only luke warm. It drives me nuts! But I drink it anyway because I’m a champ 😉

  3. Love this! So excited your tried making pizza, I think it looks tasty! I was the same way with nutritional yeast, the first time I had it I almost gagged haha But now it’s delicious 🙂
    My confession–carrying my plate all around to find the perfect lighting for a foodie picture haha
    Happy WIAW!

  4. I love this, I’ve been meaning to do a confessions post for ages but I didn’t think to do one about food!
    I always love reading your blog because you write such interesting things 🙂
    And you definitely deserve to treat yourself, I’m going home this weekend and I definitely plan on treating myself 😛
    My confessions are that I usually end up eating cold food because I take ages trying to find some semi-decent lighting and background for my photos and that I am currently obsessed with vanilla flavoured natural yogurt, I eat it everyday!

  5. How come you only got to taste the barley dish? My family cleans up my leftovers too but mostly because I don’t like leftovers for too much. So I try to cook for 2. I still need to try nutritional yeast. I meant to get some at WF but didn’t. How does it taste? I disliked it as a child. Did you eat the cake you made? I love cooking for others and am working on eating what I make.

  6. I love all the leaves in the photos! Very autumnal! I have never had nutritional yeast, I don’t like the sound of it. (The yeast part reminds me of yeast infections…sorry everyone! Hope that doesn’t put you off! ) 😉

    Hmmm, confessions…I eat a lot more than I photograph (which is averaging like one day a week atm!).

  7. I love your blog! I totally agree- us food bloggers all have “confessions” that we could share. I can totally relate with you on making something and then not really wanting it- I do that all the time! And I don’t think my meals ever turn out as good as the ones I see on other blogs. Oh well!

  8. I find that I can eat a ton of beans one day and have no problems at ALL. Your body just has to be used to it, which I’m sure your’s is. 🙂 I love how you honor your cravings even last minute. I totally get you and have found the same thing — if I don’t eat what I’m craving, I’m not satified if I have something else — I’m still hungry. My body is telling me something and I really need to honor it’s messages: I must really need whatever it is craving.

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