All about balance.

So I officially survived my third week at college. Although the preassure is slowly mounting and the tests are piling up, I’m getting more and more used to the whole university “deal”. I don’t feel nearly as panicked or lost anymore, and I’m actually getting much better at time managment. I even managed to go out running twice this week! And I felt so amazing afterwards, and even though I had to sacrifice  an hour of study time – it was so worth it.

I’m realizing more and more how important balance is in the overall scope of things. It’s really the key to being happy and healthy. So here are some main things I’ve learned about balance during my collage experience  so far.

Don’t give up a good habits just because it doesn’t work the way you’ve always done it – change, modify, adapt and keep on rolling.

(After realizing just how important a filling breakfast to start off the day was, I set off trying to find one that was both filling and not time consuming. Hot oats take forever to cook on my junky, electric stove. But before ditching the idea completely remembered overnight oats – and they’re perfect!)

(Lenna style overnight oats made with water, flax, oats and a splash of soy milk. Topped with banana’s and almonds)

(Overnight oats made with kefir, 1/2 a smashed banans topped with almonds, bran cereal and cherry jam – sorry for the bad lighting 6:00 AM dorm room lighting isn’t the best)

 Sticking to old classics is good – but don’t be afraid to try new things.

(A typical snack turned atypical. Sweet and salty -a hummus and nutritional yeast cracker along with a peanut butter hummus/ cherry almond butter cracker. LOVED IT! )

 Taking time to enjoy the simple things in life makes the day to day routine so much more enjoyable.

(The other day I went to the local bakery and bought some fresh, warm multi-grain  bread. It’s made this week’s sandwhiches a 100% better)

– It’s good to be health concious but sometimes you’ve just gotta live a little and enjoy a few treats now and again.

(One of my tastiest snacks this week – multi-grain bread, cherry jelly and almond butter – served with a side of coffee. Maybe not the healthiest thing on the market – but it sure was tasty)

 It’s good to be productive, but sometimes taking care of yourself is the most productive things you can do.

(A spinach, bean salad with a hummus, cheese tomatoe sandwhich on the side. This was the one lunch this week I managed to sit down and eat. I desperately wanted to grab a bowl of cereal and keep studying – but investing a bit of time into this meal was well worth it – it kept me full and focused for a good long time.)

When life hands you a tricky situation, make the best with what you’ve got

(What to eat when all you have left in the fridge is cheese and tomatoes. Cheese toast with LOTS of tomatoes)

– Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is not black or white – all work and no play. It’s a mixture of both – so enjoy it while it lasts.


What does balance mean to you?




  1. I love your meals (and your tea mug) ! Cherry jelly is too tasty to be omitted 🙂 Your idea of combining sweet and savory on a cracker sounds delicious, I need to try it 🙂 And I am all for eating overnight oats all through the college years 🙂 I hope you liked the combo with flax seeds, I think they add a really good texture to the oatmeal.
    Balance is abot doing what works for you, enjoying it and about not being affraid of a change every now and then, because changes don´t have to be bad, they can actually help us learn something new and beneficial 🙂

  2. What a great post – and so true!
    Balance is so important in life;
    unfortunately,I am not really able correspondingly because I am putting myself under immense pressure all the time. 😦
    Oh,and I love your statement “life is not black or white”!

  3. Cherry jelly and I don’t get along very well. I find it just tastes like medicine. I like fresh and frozen cherries, but not jelly. My mom likes cherry jelly, so that’s the only reason we have any in our fridge.

    Balance: balance to me goes beyond food and goes into my life, my self esteam, my school, my blog, etc! Balance between activities, food, exercse. Balance with sleep. Balance in all aspects of my life. This post really says it all girl — THANK YOU!

  4. Glad you are feeling less panicked! Balance for me is about doing what feels right for me; be that eating, studying, free-time…whatever. I’ve learnt since being at university that you have to do what’s best for you and not worry too much about what everyone else is doing. Don’t compare yourself and enjoy yourself! If that means holing up in your room with a book and coffee all Sunday then, so be it! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment dear. You are right, it is all about balance! Balance between the stress and the relaxation. The new and the old. The routine and the spontaneity. It’s funny how many opposites there are in our daily lives and yet we tether between them far too often trying to walk along that thin tightrope and not fall into each one too deeply. Balance. Such a beautiful word!
    Am glad that you are enjoying university now! It can be such a delightful place and time to spend on a campus. 🙂
    Take care and thank you love

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