Do what you love.

In life you’re constantly faced with choices. I don’t think we realize with just how many. A lot of things we do “out of default” are in fact a choice we make. We can always choose to do something different, to change our routine, to step out and try something new.

I’m coming to realize more and more how important it is to do things that make you happy. Yes adult life comes with duties and  responsibilities – both to ourselves and to others. But sometimes it’s ok just to say – “Now is when I’m going to do something for me”. “Now is the time I choose to do something I want to do – over what I think I “should do”.

Of course when saying this it’s important to realize the difference between thinking we need to do something, as opposed to actually needing to do something.  I’m definitely not advocating leaving people hanging when they’re relying on you, or neglecting your duties in the name of “making yourself happy”. But there are times when you need to realize that there are some things that are more important than the perfect to-do list, or being the most efficient, hardworking person possible.

Right now I’m home for the weekend after a crazy week of studying and tests. I wasn’t planning to come home innitally, but I felt like I needed a break and some down time. However the second I walked in the door I sat down and my mind started racing – what should I be doing? Do I have any upcoming tests I need to study for? I’m sure there’s something I need to be doing.  What I really wanted to in that moment was drink a coffee and enjoy the company of my family for a while. But was that an option in my mind – no way! Why – because apparently I’m a slave of “a sense of duty”.

I’m a perfectionist – but the truth is that puts a whole lot more pressure on me then I can handle. I’m a very hard worker – but that tends to push me over the brink of exhaustion. Life is not meant to be lived that way. Life is the journey – not just the destination. I have very defined goals, and although I’m willing to work hard to get there, they shouldn’t steal all the joy out of my life.

So today I let myself do what I really wanted to do – I went for a  long walk with my little brothers, I spent a lot of time with my family. I ate a lesiurely dinner with my family and made a brown-rice, chickpea, mushroom casserole that was devoured before I could take a picture.

I  also baked cookies


Chocolate covered Katies  flourless chocolate chip cookies before going in the oven – although I must say her’s looked much better

and made a peanut-butter spread.

I drank a glass of wine, ate a few cookies and am currently sitting on my couch reading blogs and chilling out.

All in all I only studied 3 hours today.

Did the world end? No

Am I happier than if I had spent the whole day with my nose buried in a book – most definitely.

Was it worth it – yes because sometimes it’s a choice between what we think we “should” do and what’s really important. And I think it’s pretty obvious what the right choice should be.



  1. You say you ONLY spent 3 hours studying today but that’s more time than I spend studying over 2 days!!

    Sometimes you really do need down time otherwise you’ll have a major breakdown. It’s impossible to be on the go for so long without having time to relax. There is always something that you “should” be doing but whether it needs to be done right away is another matter. I’m glad you were able to give yourself time to spend with your family 🙂


  2. Good for you girl! I was exactly the same when i was studying. I used to give myself an hour a day to go for a run and the rest of the time i was glued to my desk. My mum always said that my workaholic ways would be the death of me…there are definitely some bad points about being a determined perfectionist. Enjoy your weekend sweetie! xx

  3. Definitely,you’re so right!
    On top of that,doing things you love makes you be able to work more effective because you just feel BETTER – mentally,but also physically as those two aspects go hand-in-hand.
    Besides,studying for three hours sounds like WOW for me! – I cannot study that long,I am too demotivated 😉

  4. This is a great post, it is such an important message!
    I’m a perfectionist like you and I hate not having things done to the best they can be, and yet with my condition I don’t really have the choice! So I’m slowly learning to take time out and not feel guilty 🙂
    Baking is definitely one of my favourite ways to relax, those cookies look delicious!

  5. Letting out your feelings and just doing what you want is the best way to live and the best for you. My boyfriend is studying acting and they’re all learning to just let out whatever the heck they feel instead of keeping it inside and how much better it is for yourself (and for the acting of course). That was kind of random, but anyway I love this post! You always write the best.

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