Procrastination can be fun….. :P

So I actually have nothing particularly worthwhile to say, I’ve just been studying for the past, well basically all day and I feel like procrastinating, so I’m posting.

Being home is almost more hectic then being on campus because I feel like I have to be studying all the time. And I’ve been going through a bit of a stomach funk for a few days now, partically because I;ve been eating too little during the week and all my hunger is coming back to me now, and partially because I’ve had quite a bit of dairy since coming back (there’s virtually NOTHING at my parents house) and that’s messing me up – ouch! So I guess it’s my fault, but it’s pretty unpleasent all the same 😦

The thing is that I don’t want to be a bother and I often feel bad for needing “special food”. So I opt to just try and have what everyone else is having, and sandly usually end up suffering as a result.

However I did enjoy a delighful home-cooked dinner – beans, cornbread and steamed brocolli. I would have a picture, but as I tried to get decent lighting this happened.

So no picture (after cleaning up the mess and serving myself a little more I just couldn’t be bothered)- but take my word for it that after a week of eggs, cold tofu sandwhiches and rice crackers – this tasted AMAZING!

And my “comfort prize” for spilling my food and having to scrub down the carpet was even better.

Dark chocolate – I’ve missed you!

And right now I’m curled up on my bed with nausea – definitely not conducive to concentration. But maybe it’s good, that way I’m practically forced to take a break and enjoy my evening. Because after all, life isn’t all about work and stress kills!

Here’s something I found that I really enjoyed – hope you will as well.

Do you ever feel bad for eating different then others?

Do you tend to procrastinate occasionally (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this :)?



  1. Yes, I feel bad for eating different whenever I am eating at home or at friends house. I know I shouldn´t feel guilty, because I have no reason for it, but I always think that I am such a bother for them…
    I procrastinate A LOT! Especially lately. Have you ever heard of a “pomodoro technigue”? It is said to help with procrastination 🙂 I have never tried it, but my friend swears it works. Try googling it 🙂

  2. I’m at home right now going through the exact same thing. My parents rarely have anything that I’ll eat on hand, but I did manage to find half of a baked potato and some other frozen vegetables and put together a decent meal for lunch.

    I don’t feel bad for eating differently, I just find it a hassle to promote my beliefs sometimes. At the end of the day I’m still alive though, so I get over it. :3

  3. Dude!! I’m in the same boat when I go home over weekends!! It’s like dairy is the only thing my parents have around so I tend to get oober jacked up in the stomach region haha
    When it comes to eating differently than others, sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like a bother. But most of the time I find alternatives 🙂
    And I’m actually procrastinating right now!! Yay!! 😀

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