Where I am.

Hi everyone!

Just checking in real quick to give you all an update on what’s been going on with me. I’m halfway through my first week at uni, and right now I’m feeling a mixture of being exited to being totally and uterly overwhelmed. Generally I love the studying and running  here and there, but I’m exhausted and feel I’m in totally over my head. There’s just so much to be taken care of – not just with the studies but with additional paper work that I don’t have time for much of anything aside from classes, studying and sleep. And eating of course, but most of that is happening “on the go” at the moment. No exiting culinary adventures as of yet, but i see potential in my little kitchen already.

My roommate is nice, although you should have seen the look on her face when i told her I was vegetarian. I’ve rarely seen anyone quite as shocked. But other then that we get along fine and I feel very lucky to be rooming with her.

Food wise it’s been  basically whatever  I can  grab first, although I think next week I’ll put a bit more effort into pre-planning my meals because I’m getting kinda tires of rice crackers, bananas and almond butter (my go-to meal these days).

Alright I gotta run, but I’ll be back with another post this weekend. Have a great day!



  1. Glad to hear everything is going well for ya chica! 🙂 That’s funny about the roommate, the deer in the headlights look can be really funny haha
    Looking forward to your post this weekend!

  2. Glad to know you’re doing good. I worked with somebody that was from down south and I told her I was vegan she said, “vegan? I don’t think we have any of those down south.” Haha it was cute.


  3. Fingers crossed for you to handle all that work and school stuff! My roommates always looked really puzzled when I told them I was a vegan. But they just got used to it after a while 🙂

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