October goals.

Gosh – I can’t believe october’s here. Where did summer go?

I’m not really much of a monthly goal person, but I think this month it would be helpful for me to have a few, especially since I’m going to be having a big change and my whole life will be basically up in the air.

1. Be more outgoing. I’m naturally kind of a shy and introverted person, and being a new city where I don’t know anyone will not make things any easier on me. Β But I am a social person and I enjoy being around people, se I think a key to my happiness will be for me to go out and meet people.

2. Find a balance between studying and having a life. I’m a perfectionist so I want to learn to let go and enjoy life a little more.

3. Take care of myself. That means getting enough sleep, moderate forms of exercise and eating right. I know it’s stupid but whenever I’m busy these are the first things to get crossed off my to-do list – not so smart eh?

4. Keep up with blogging to some extent. I honestly have grown really attached to the blogging community and blogging is something I really enjoy. I imagine being at uni will change things around here somewhat – but I want to keep up with it at least a bit.

So cheers to the new month – yummy oatmeal breakfasts…

Oatmeal/oatbran topped with strawberry jam and almonds

and creative sandwhiches….

The best sandwhich I’ve had in a while – fresh mutigrain bread, lightly fried tofu, nutritional yeast, italian spices, tomato and lettuce.

falling leaves

and cozy sweaters

and most of all – living life to the full!

PS: Totally off topic, but I saw this today and absolutely love it! My final goal would be to make this my new motto.



  1. Great goals! πŸ™‚ you’re gonna rock them girl, I bet October will be super successful for you!
    And I LOVE that quite at the bottom of the post, I gotta print that and tape it everywhere asap πŸ˜€
    Happy October!

  2. I love your goals! Your right, where the heck has this year gone? I hope you enjoy college! Remember it’s about being social AND studying so make sure you have fun. It goes by so quickly πŸ™‚


  3. You have given me inspirtation for my october goals! I need to work on all of those things asap, & also need a new cozy sweater.
    Love that quote πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome, I love the “Hey you”. Thank you for sharing it. It’s nice how something like that can finally get you to snap out of it a bit. Wonderful goals, dear, check in on this page again. I like starting fresh every month, too, who says that we have to wait until the new year!
    Have a smile-filled week,
    With care,

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