Busy girl eats

It’s over…

I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for a Sunday in my life. After getting only 2 hours of sleep on Saturday and working all day, by the time the evening rolled around I was more then ready for a day of rest. Although we’ve basically tied up things at the fitness center, I’m now faced with getting ready to move out of home and start uni – yikes! I’m not sure if I’m nervous of exited at this point – so I’m trying not to think about it too much. I’ll just try to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. But there’s still a lot to do before I go – so it’s still gonna be busy, busy, busy for me.

The funny thing I noticed is how much my diet changed during this busy time. I switched from oats in the morning to cereal – would you believe I only ate oats twice this whole week. Who am I?

One of the few peaceful breakfasts I enjoyed this week – oatbran topped with smashed banana and almond butter

(I actually have kind of a confession to make. I think I might be getting bored of oats or something, because they don’t seem to taste as good as they once did. Maybe I just need a break, or I need to find a different way of making them, because right now they’re kinda blah. Which is depressing because they were my staple healthy breakfast for a long time now.)

Lunches looked more or less like this all week long – if you show me another sandwich I think I might cry. Although I did manage to come home and have some quick “throw some grains, beans and veggies in a bowl” type meals and those were definitely a life saver. But ofr the most part lunch was scarfed down in 5 minutes flat in between paint jobs or floor scrubbing.

One of the few “at home” lunches I had. Tuna and cottage cheese sandwhich on whole-grain bread with baby spinach and tomatoes. I was trying to make it seem more appealing with the whole happy smile things 😛

Dinners were dependent on what time I came home. Since usually I got home around 8-9 pm I didn’t feel like eating a real meal. I did a few times, but I had a major stomach ache afterwards – eating a big meal that late really doesn’t work so well for me. So it was a lot of cereal dinners for me as well. At least I’ve found this amazing multi-grain cereal that is mad 100% of different grains – so I didn’t feel THAT bad eating them.

Early (8 PM) dinner meal – brown rice, beans and corn served with sauteed spinach and topped with nutritional yeast. One of the better quick dinners of the week

Late (10 pm) “dinner” – multigrain cereal and yogurt. At that point I was too tired to even think of anything else.

Snacks were generally this:

Times a million, along with apples and pears – the seasonal fruit. There were nuts too along with some yogurt and the occasional sandwich – but I was never too keen on those.

It was kind of a relality check for me, because I always thought I was really good at managing to keep up a healthy and balanced diet. Well this week definitely put that to the test and although I’d love to say I passed with flying colors – that wasn’t really the case. I guess I just need to do a bit more pre-planning when it comes to meals and snacks and not just rely on what I have available – because usually that isn’t really enough for me. Also I realized I enjoy meals a million times more when I can actually eat them sitting down – otherwise I just want to get them over with as soon as possible.

But this morning I started off on the right foot, and I have a feeling this trend will continue throughout the day 🙂

Oatmeal pancakes with smashed banana,almond butter, cottage cheese and strawberry jam – enjoyed with a side of coffee and blog reading – yeah I felt decadant doing that.

Lunch (not sandwhiches :P) homemade bean burgers on multi-grain bread – you have no idea how good it felt to sit down and eat this.

And I’m looking forward to a family dinner this evening and I honestly can’t wait 🙂

What are your staple “super busy time” foods? Do pre-make a lot of your food – or are you more of a go-with-the-flow type person?

Any new and creative oat (or non-oat) creations I should try for breakfast?



  1. I love your happy face sandwich! It’s always so fun to make big smiley faces with meals haha 🙂 I premake a lot of my food when I know I’m gonna be busy, it eases a ton of stress for me.
    Way to go girl, you survived the chaos!! Enjoy your much deserved rest my friend, and have a great dinner with the fam! 😀

  2. Your meals always look so good. Mine are so lame. Good luck with uni.
    I always try to keep my meals the same when I’m super busy, even if I get bored of them. As long as they’re quick and easy I don’t have a problem.

  3. buckwheat groats are my new favorite morning meal! Just soak the groats overnight and either eat them straight up with milk or cook them like you would oats. I use 1/4 cup groats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla – yumilicious!

  4. I only ever pre-make my lunches because I’m too cheap to buy my lunches for work. I always go for the simple sandwich but I always make sure that on weekends I have something different for lunch.

    I’m really into toasted muesli at the moment mixed with bran flakes. It’s much more filling than plain muesli and of course you have it with yoghurt and milk 😉

  5. A for effort!
    My go tos are Steamed veggies — I steam a bunch every two days.
    I also pre-cook my veggie burgers so I just have to microwave them.
    No because I am busy — just cause I am lazy..

    Hard boiled eggs — but I’m kind of yucked out by them now.

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