Why I love family dinners.

Here’s one thing I think you should all know about me.

For real, it’s one of the things I miss most being away. For me, eating meals in company (the right kind of company of course) adds immesurable value to the meal. And here are some reasons family dinners are always memorable affairs


– For one they’re never as calm, controlled, neat and sterile as the picture below.

– The noise – the clatter of dishes, the constant requests of “Please pass the butter” and the noises of contentment when the food tastes good.

– The funny stories told around the table. My two youngest brothers always tell the best stories (true life mind you) that have us in tears with laughter. The best thing about it is that as 4 year olds they’re really not trying to be funny. The most recent one was that they took a candy from another kids backpack because “they were hungry”. Half the table laughed, and the other was horrified (I was in the second group)

–  Always having someone around willing to get up and get you water 😛

– Being able to cook a family meal and the nervousness that everyone will enjoy it.

A meal I cooked everyone yeasterday – butter beans in a fresh tomato sauce flavoured with basil and oregano with a side of italian polenta – totally vegan and still thoroughly enoyed by everyone

– Feeling an incredible sense of satisfaction when you are able to make something that everyone loves and is more then eager to express that feeling.

–  The huge mess that is left afterwards, and trying to find someone to clean it up. Today I was the unlucky victim 😀


I think the reason I enjoy family meals so much now is that during my ED I would always eating alone. There were so many rules and traditions surrounding my food that I couldn’t share the experience of a joined meal with anyone. Now I am an eager attender of barbaques, dinner parties and other such social meals – and it’s a great feeling. Of course explaining my food intolerances and beliefs to people can be difficult – but if it’s people that love and accpet me no matter what, it’s always an enjoyable experience.


Do you enjoy family or social meals?



  1. I love eating in a good company! But I never have family meals, because my family just never eats together. My dad eats only one meal a day – a dinner at 11 p.m.! My mom eats small bits of this and that every now and then. My sister is never at home… I think that the only family meal we have is a Christmas dinner, wow that´s crazy! 🙂

  2. Great post! I couldn’t agree more, family meals are definitely one of the main things I miss when I’m away at college. It’s just such a great opportunity to bond, laugh, and nosh on some yumtastic foods! 😀

  3. I love family dinners. Unfortunately I only have family dinners with my boyfriend’s family. My family uses our dining room table for all our junk so there is no room to eat and we kind of all just do whatever it is we were doing before we started eating while we eat.

  4. I love them too. We have always eaten at the table together for as long as I can remember. It’s sometimes the only part of the day when we’re all together having a natter! I do miss it a lot when I’m away from home!

    Lovely post!

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