I’m just me.

Sometimes I feel like my blog is almost like a journal – it’s a place I can just get it all out and collect my thoughts. I realized a long time ago that I don’t fit into any blogger category – I’m not a “health food” blogger, I’m not a runner or a fitness guru, neither am I some sort of a recovery expert . I’m just plain ol’ me, and I’m fine with that. Although I won’t pretend that I’m more then a little surprised that anyone reads this.

Although Saturday was pretty crazy- I did manage to have a rather relaxing Sunday. I slept in till (wait for it) 7:30, and treated myself with an old tradition.

French toast on whole wheat sunflower seed bread topped with smooshed banans and almond butter “dip”


By the way Angela’s almond butter invention is AMAZING – try it now!

I also did some grocery shopping, so I feel a lot more prepared to face the week ahead. Staples included crackers, nuts, oats, fruit and veggies, yogurt and loads of beans and grains.

Another weekend highlight was when I created this  dessert hummus (based loosely off this recipie). I actually was low on time so I dumped a bunch of stuff into the blender and hoped for the best – and was actually pretty pleasantly surprised. I had it on crackers as a snack yesterday, and then again today as well – never too much of a good thing is there (and if there is don’t tell me).

I’m actually kind of chickpea’d out at the moment, considering I had this for dinner the other night, and then hummus sandwhiches for lunch – I might need a chickpea detox 😛

Chickpeas, lightly steamed brocolli, brown rice and hidden sunflower seeds – a no-fail , quick meal combination

Other activities included a long nap (I can’t remember the last time I did that), longs walks on a breeze autumn afternoon and a family card game with my siblings.

On another note I opened up to my mom about my stomach issues. One of my commenters (thanks Lenna) pointed out that something similar happens to them when they go home, and it got me thinking. I realized half the time the discomfort is triggered by anxiety and me trying so hard to please everyone, instead of just doing what’s best for me. It wasn’t easy for me to tell my mom this, as my diet is kind of a sensitive topic in my family – but she was pretty understanding which makes me feel a lot more confident about this whole thing.  I will also start keeping a food diary to see exactly where I might be at fault in my eating habits and if there’s anything other than lactose that I’m allergic to.
I think there comes a time that you just have to stand up for yourself, in spite of what other people might think of you. I have a very hard time doing this, especially with people who’s opinions mean a lot to me. But I’m learning that sometimes honesty is the best policy, and people just need to accept me the way I am, plain and simple. It’s just too much pressure to try to be someone else when it makes everyone else happy, but you miserable.  So I’m working on being more assertive and comfortable with myself and who I am – rather than trying to excuse and justify myself all the time. I think life is much better lived that way.


Any thoughts on the matter?

Do you find it hard to discuss controversial about yourself with your family or people you’re close to? Or are you the type of person that is entirely unappologetic about who you are?



  1. Oh, I am so glad you talked to your mom and she was so supportive! I know it can be really hard to get all honest when it comes to personal issues that might be controversial or hurtful or “strange” to other people. But all the sturggle will be worth it. Being comfortable with yourself is the best thing you can do, especially when your are such an awesome girl 🙂 I am actually growing into an unappologetic person, because all of the appologizes I was making in the past left me very tired and sometimes unhappy with myself. So bye appologizes 🙂
    I also don´t feel like I fit into typical bloggers categories, but I don´t mind, I am happy with having my blog as a sort of journal, sort of photo book…
    Oh and I made a batch of hummus today as well, so tasty!

  2. It’s so great you could open up to your mum,especially as it was helpful for you in the end! 🙂
    I completely understand your struggles as I also care too much about what other people think about me and stuff. But it’s just as you said already: We have to learn to stand up for ourselves,our opinion and our life. We have to become more confident about what we are doing and how we are doing it because in the end,we have to live with the results,not the others!
    Thanks for this post,it’s good to know I am not alone with that kind of problems. 😀

  3. I actually have a hard time talking to my mom about eating habits…she doesn’t really know about my past eating issues so i keep it on the DL with family…if she ever checks my blog soon tho she’ll find out cuz im doing a post on it soon…
    I’m glad you liked the dessert hummus! it’s pretty interesting–but i am pretty partial to anything made with chickpeas. But i can see why your chickpea’d out! 😀

  4. I’m glad your blog isn’t like any other, that’s what makes me love it! 🙂 And I’m so glad you were able to have a great convo with your mom. It’s super awkward for me to talk to my dad about my eating issues, but my mom is always there to listen. It can be awkward to open up sometimes, but SO worth it, it feels great to get it off your chest 🙂

  5. Your breakfast looks awesome! It’s one of my favorites to have on the weekend 🙂
    I love reading your blog because your being yourself, and you dont put yourself into any blogger category. Your blog is unique, fun to read and really nice! I can relate to a lot, too!
    It used to be awkword for me to talk to my parents about my eating issues and open up to them about the ED I had and all. But now, I feel a lot better talking to them because I know they care and want to help. I’m not comfortable talking to friends or people I dont know well about my eating issues though..

    Have a great week! 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m new to your blog and I don’t know what your stomach issues are, but I recently had to deal with that myself. Keeping a food diary really helped me. It wasn’t so much what I ate.. it was also eating habits (meal times, sizes, what they consisted of). I realized that chickpeas can be evil 😛

  7. First of all, I love your blog the way it is! I mean, I love food/health blogs and I love recovery blogs, but by themselves they can get kinda boring. Your blog style is like mine – whatever we feel, we write! (Although, I’ve been lacking in the writing lately…)

    I’m also really glad you opened up about your stomach issues with your mom. I bet it’s a relief to get it out in the open where you are free to work on it. Honestly, I do have a very hard time opening up about things like that. Especially with my mom, because she can be rather judgemental about my eating and health. I def. understand her point of view because she only wants to protect me and make sure I’m healthy, but it does put a lot of pressure on me to “keep her happy” so to speak. But, I’m working on being more assertive and I’m glad you are too!
    Have a good week!!!

  8. I feel the exact same way about my blog. I think people just like reading about different things and you’re a very likeable person. Not putting yourself into a category is great because it allows you to post whatever the heck you want and that’s something I really enjoy.

    I do find that taking about things that other would disagree with about myself is hard. I still have trouble reminding my mom that I’m a vegan when she tries to get me to eat bacon pizza. I usually just eat it and then feel really bad and sick to my stomach later. I’m glad you’re working on being more assertive and comfortable with yourself.
    Have a wonderful week. Fall is almost here!

  9. I’m glad you could talk to your mum and it ended up being good and helpful for you. I’m really quite close to my mum but my eating troubles was one thing that I always played pretty close to my heart because I was so unsure of how she’d react. It’s easier now that I am healthy again to talk about what happened. In hindsight, I know she would have been fine but I just didn’t think she’d understand at the time.

    I hope keeping a food diary helps you get to the bottom of whats bothering your stomach. I’ve heard about it being really helpful for investigative purposes like this! I definitely think a lot of things are triggered and worsened by stress and anxiety as you said.

    I don’t feel like I fit in with a lot of the other blogger sometimes but that’s totally okay. Individuality is a wonderful thing and I love your blog just they way it is. 🙂

  10. I’m glad you were able to open up to your mum and have her support you. Anxiety triggers stomach issues for me as well and it makes it very difficult for me to eat without feeling ill. It especially happens when I eat fruit of foods high in lactose. Oh boy, not a pleasant feeling!


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