Busy, busy, busy…

So the day has ended, I’m exhausted and puzzled by the fact that despite multiple showers I still have purple paint in my hair.

I guess no one said being home was supposed to be relaxing. Right now I’m helping out my folks jumpstart a big buisness intiantive which incvolves completely renovating a building. So for the past couple days I’ve been painting, cleaning, scrubbing, making sandwhiches and overall trying to make myself useful. I’ve actually had so little time to myself that I haven’t checked my mail or even unpacked till just this evening – crazy stuff huh?

As much as I love being home and spending time with my family my stomach problems seem to have magnified by 110%. I’m not noticably eating any differently, but my body seems to be weirding out. Probably just not getting enough of some nutrient or another, or just a change in eating schedule/diet. However my almond butter has been a life-saver these past few days – I’ve been eating it at least 3 times a day just to supliment my protein (I didn’t have time to pre-prepare any beans or grains).

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be taking the day off, so I’ll be able to be reunited with my good ol’ blender and maybe even do some shopping. As much as I love crispbreads and almond butter – I’m getting a little sick and tired of even that (no, don’t worry that hasn’t been ALL I’m eating – just a large percentage).

Sorry this post is a little blah- hopefully I’ll have a bit more brain power in the morning. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

How do you manage healthy eating “on the go” or during super rushed times? Do you find it hard to balance everything out properly, or is it something you just kind of do automatically?



  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling the best 🙂
    If I’m on the go I make the time to pack food before hand so that I don’t have to rely on fast food etc. I don’t really find it hard to balance everything out properly because I just tend to go with cravings and then think of what I have available to go with that craving.
    Hope you feel better and get some good rest!

  2. Yay for almond butta! Nut butters sure can be life savers 🙂 When I’m rushed and busy, I try my best to pack snacks ahead of time, but sometimes I struggle when chaos catches me off guard. Enjoy some relaxation time! 🙂

  3. Usually my meals are pretty balanced, but I don’t try to worry about it if it all rounds out in the end. If I’m out and about all day, I just bring along snacks — almonds, soy nuts, bars, chocolate, etc. I’m sorry about your stomach aches. I wonder what’s going on.

  4. Strange thing is I experience the same when I am staying at my parents´ house.My stomach always goes crazy even when I am eating basically the same way as when I am in Prague.I think it is a sort of “mental” problem, because food is such a big “theme” in my family that my mind and stomach maybe find it too difficult to simply “enjoy and digest”…who knows 🙂

    • Hey, this actually sounds pretty realistic in my situation. When I’m with my family I constantly feel this pressure to conform to the way they’re eating and I feel constantly judged if I eat anything different. So it might be a psychological thing as well. Thanks for letting me know about this.

      • You are welcome! I hope this will help you a bit to sort out your problems. In my family of meat-eaters and over-weight persons, being a vegan and at a normal weight is considered “strange”, so I feel they are always watching at me and judging my food choices. Not a good atmosphere for enjoying a meal :))

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