Safely home

Sorry I don’t really have time for a proper post tonight. Just wanted to let you know that I made it safely home. Although I’m happy to be back – there are a few things I’ll miss.

The trampoline in the backyard – the best warm up, cool down exercise ever! Totally brought out my inner child.

The times spent with this darling little thing

Seeing this face at every meal

Meals enjoyed in the sunshine on the front porch

And good times with good friends

However I am happy to be home, however short term. There’s just something special about sitting in a warm kitchen with what seems like a million people talking at once and knowing that the reason for all their exitment is you. And enjoying the first proper meal in nearly 12 hours (travel time).

Lightly steamed califlower and green beans with peanuts and brown rice. Simple yet totally satisfying.



  1. That kitty is so adorable, what a deep eyes it has 🙂 Trampolines always remind me of Norway. When I was there, it seemed like every family had a trampoline in the garden 🙂

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