Current weekend traditions

Hey everybody! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend so far.

I for one, am having a great one! Yesterday was a bit rough (more on that in an upcoming post) but today has been almost perfect so far. We’re having a rare day of good weather, and seeing the sun for the first time this week automatically puts me in a good mood.


I enjoy the weekends so much more since I’ve been here (away from home) and working. The contrast between a work week and the weekend just makes it that much more special. Needless to say in the 2 months I’ve been here I’ve developed a few traditions. I’m sure these will change when I get to uni in 2 weeks, but for now here are a few things that make me look forward to the weekend.


  1. French toast or pancake breakfasts. I have this tradition that oats are reserved for the work week, while on the weekends I try something different. Usually it’s either French toast or pancakes – but I think this week I’ll do both 😉


  1. Breakfast in bed – usually on one of the weekend days I’ll treat myself to a breakfast in bed – with a side of blog reading in the mornings. It makes me feel so lazy and decadent – I love it!



  1. Morning work-outs. Truth be told my best workouts happen in the morning – after breakfast of course. This isn’t possible during the week, but weekends allow me to make this happen.
  2. Yoga – I try to do yoga at least once on the weekends.


  1. Snacking – I tend to snack a bunch more on the weekends – maybe I have too much time on my hands . The current cuplrite is my newly made  peach/almond/apricot granola.

There were twice as many almonds before the picture was taken – I love picking them out.


  1. A walk in the woods. I never have time for this during the week, but once the weekend rolls around I love taking long, leisurely strolls through the woods. I just feel so peaceful and “one with nature” there. Not only that, but I’ve often seen forest animals such as deer’s, squirrels and woodpeckers. I even heard a wild boar once (thankfully I didn’t actually SEE it). Today’s walk was absolutely perfect, and it was probably the last time I’ll be able to do it, so I made sure to really enjoy it




  1. Big room organizations. I pick one weekend day to be a chill-out day, and the other I dedicate to doing all the little things I don’t get to do during the week – organizing my cupboards, dusting my shelves etc.
  2. Baking! The weekend is a great time to do some lesurely baking. Sometimes I bake snacks for myself (banana oat protein bars) that a freeze and eat as snacks during the course of the week, or I bake for others. Whatever the case, it’s always something I look forward to.
  3. Movie night! One of the weekend nights my friends and I get together for movie night. Our latest project was the Harry Potter series (yes I JUST saw them now) and I quite enjoyed that 🙂


Now over to you :

Do you have any weekend traditions?

Do you ever eat breakfast in bed?



  1. That granola looks more than amazing! And I am all for weekend yoga, baking, walking in the woods, movies and workouts, I love all of these things. And painting or piano playing, that´s nice too.
    And breakfast in bed is a “quilty pleasure” I sometimes really enjoy 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. Amazing weekend traditions! I love every bit of this, especially that walk, such a gorgeous landscape! And can I say that apricot almond granola looks DEEvine! 😀
    Enjoy your weekend girly!

  3. Mmm these sound like such perfect weekend traditions. I love the little things that make the weekends feel all the more special 😀 Mine would probably be actually sitting down to dinner with my family, and then going out to grab a coffee with them on Sunday nights. We don’t see a lot of eachother during the week, so it’s always nice to catch up on the weekends 🙂

  4. I like these! I always have pancakes at least once on the weekend. I always allow myself to sleep in. I tend not to have breakfast in bed because I HATE staying in bed. I even hate being in bed when I’m sick. I much prefer to go out into the lounge and lay on the couch 😛

    Errrr recipe for that granola please? 🙂


  5. It sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend. My got off to a rough start but all is well now. Weekends mean workouts for me now too with school taking up so much of my time during the week. Being lazy is awesome and french toast is amazing. I keep meaning to make it, but like I said, being lazy is awesome. Stay excellent!

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