WIAW – fun facts about me

Today is not only WIAW
It’s also the day you get to find out some random facts about me. So ready or not, here they come.
Breakfast – banana oatmeal/oatbran topped with almond butter
1. I’m not really a fan of oatbran. I see it on a bunch of blogs and it always looks amazing, but whenever I try it I’m kinda dissapointed – just not my thing I guess.
2. I never eat hot oatmeal, it’s always warm (that’s why I was highly annoyed when I heated this up too much in the microwave – I burned my tongue so bad I missed out on most of the flavour)
Unpictured snack (only unpictured cuz my camera batteries died on me) – a bowl of watermellon and crackers with swiss cheese -yes I’m lactose intolerant and I paid for this indulgence – but it was so good
3. Even though I’m lactose intolerant I can usually handle about 1 serving a day. Usually yogurt is my “exception of choice” but it varies from time to time.
Lunch – Brown rice, kidney beans and veggies
4. I only but real thought into 2 of my meals a day – usually breakfast and dinner. Lunch and snacks are go with the flow or grab whatever is the first thing around. Easiest lunch ever – throw a veggie, protein and grain together and hope it tastes ok. Usually it does, but even if it doesn’t 99% of the time I end up eating it anyway. And 99% of the time I add a fruit in the end.
Post lunch fruit – a big juicy peach
5. Whenever I’m really hungry I end up “tasting” a bunch of things before I decide what I want for snack. Usually the first victim is yogurt – don’t ask. I have about 2 -3 tsp worth every day before some meal or another
Afternoon snack:  A small apple, homemade protein oat banana bar and a bit of yogurt
6. I’m very picky about my apples. I need the crisp, crunchy and sweet. I can’t stand sour or mushy apples – bleh!
Dinner-  Some random soy/veggie “burger”, a slice of rye bread, mustard tomatoes and pickles, green beans sauted with soya sauce (my new veggie love)
7. I hate eating meals alone. If there’s no one around to eat with I usually end up eating dinner reading blogs or watching tv shows online. If the weather is nice I’ll occasionally enjoy my meals outside.
8. I ALWAYS forget something when I sit down to eat. Almost every meal I get up at least once for water, more veggies, a condiment etc. Today’s victim was an extra pickle.
Dessert – Carrots ‘n’ cake 3 minute microwave oatmeal cookie with sliced in banana, topped with creamy, dreamy almond butter.
9. I have NO sweet tooth. Whenever I bake for other people I always make it WAY to sweet by my standards, but it’ll be perfect acording to them.
10. I’ve gotten into eating something sweet after dinner again, I’m not sure if it’s a habit or something I actually NEED to do to be full, but I’m enjoying it all the same. Yeasterday I had a big dessert AND a night snack (cuz I’m cool like that).
11. Raw almond butter is AMAZING. There’s no way to describe the flavour, but I am falling madly in love with in (unlike peanut butter which I can ONLY eat with banana’s)
Happy WIAW everyone!
Oatmeal or oatbran – or neither?
A nut butter you are “madly in love with”?


  1. I also usually have to eat a piece of fruit after my lunch. And a combination of grains+protein+veggies is my stample meal 🙂 I am actually not a fan of oatbran too. I eat it, but I add only 1 spoon to my regular oats, because I have heard it is really good for your health, but when I eat only oat bran, it tastes just “blah” 🙂
    I like chestnut butter. And homemade sunflower+almond nut butter.

  2. I like your facts! Like you, I’m lactose intolerant however I can still tolerate yoghurt (not Greek as it has cream in it), cheese and butter. I also have a bites of a few different things before I choose what I want to eat. Some times I don’t decide and carry on eating different things haha.

    I am JUST coming out of my oatbran phase. What I used to do was mix half oat bran and half rolled oats together and then slowly I just only felt like oat bran. When you have the two kinds together, the oat bran adds an extra creaminess, I reckon. Also, I think oat bran cooked with too much water is a bit yuck. The trick is not to use so much water with oat bran in my opinion.

    I am no longer madly in love with any nut butters. It used to be almond butter but now I choose to have jam, butter or syrup instead. I’ll be on another nut butter phase before we know it though 😛

  3. I love all of your eats and random facts! That homemade protein bar looks tasty too 🙂 That sucks you’re lactose intolerant, I’m allergic to oats so I feel your pain with having to eat what you love in itty bitty quantities.
    And I’m OBSESSED with sunflower seed butter, I go through jars like it’s my job! 😀
    Happy WIAW!

  4. The age old question…oatbran v oatmeal. I love both but would probably take oatmeal first! (I like them mixed though too!)
    I go through phases but pb is and always will be my first love!

  5. I like oatmeal better than oatbran. 🙂
    I am madly in love with peanut butter! I love topping bananas and my oatmeal with nut butter..soo good! Yay for healthy fat!

  6. I’ve actually never had oatbran. But honestly I’m not a HUGE oatmeal fan (shhh I know, that’s like a blogger sin! haha).

    As for nut butters ,that’s a different story. I’m not just in love, I’m like OBSESSED. I think almond butter is my favorite. Or maybe peanut butter. Or Cashew Butter. Oh man, do I have to pick?

    • YOU DON’T LIKE OATMEAL?! What kind of food blogger are you?! Haha! I never liked oatmeal UNTIL I started blogging and got creative with it. I always thought of oatmeal as “that slop my mom would make “cafeteria lady style” on TCAP test days”! Haha!

  7. I can’t eat hot oatmeal either. Actually, mine usually isn’t even warm… it’s always room temperature lol. I find the texture is a lot better that way, and it saves me the pain of avoiding burning my tongue and then not being able to taste any more of my food. Eep. As for oatbran, I like it, but I much prefer oatmeal. And when it comes to nut butter, I would have to say that roasted almond is my favorite, but coconut butter comes in a close second.

  8. I’ve never even heard of oatbran. What blogs/part of the world am I missing? I wasn’t a big fan of oatmeal at all until I learned how to make it fun and scrumptious on my own; now even my husband loves a good bowl of oats, prepared properly, and he didn’t enjoy oats at all before I learned some new, fun, healthy tricks!

  9. I always have to snack before bed, whether I’m hungry or not! It’s like a mind game haha. But I really love TJ’s creamy salted almond butter and sunflower seed butter. There’s a time and place for both oatmeal and oatbran, but I’m typically an oatmeal girl 🙂

  10. Totally with you on 5 and 6! I usually end up dipping in the nut butter jar. My favorites are the ones with raisins or dried fruit in them because I like to fish ’em out! My apples must be crispy and preferably cold. I can’t stand small apples either… I go fishing through the produce trying to find the biggest ones!

  11. I’ve heated oats up until I burnt my tongue too. I hate it when I do that because then I can’t taste anything- ruins my day indeed!
    I thoguht I was the only one who did the tasting thing before I decide on what I want!! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one. I usually do this a lot with yogurt and nut butters. At least they’re good for us 🙂
    I’m madly in love with every nut butter- it’s a bit bad, only not relaly since it’s so good for you. I’m in love with the hulva dip I made today from honey sesame hulva and coconut milk!!

  12. I actually don’t like hot oatmeal either…warm is just fine for me, although I hate cold oatmeal the most! Burning your tongue stinks…it feels all weird the rest of the day 😦
    And I concur on your thoughts on oatbran! Don’t care for it
    I am madly in love with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, holy addictive 🙂

  13. I have to be in the mood for oatbran, but I think I could probably live on oatmeal for…eh, at least a couple of weeks before I got tired of it. As long as there was an endless supply of fruits, cereal/granola, and nut butters for toppings that is! 😉 Right now, I am truly, madly, deeply (cue Savage Garden baby) in love with…wait for it…Wal-Mart brand natural PB! It is the perfect consistency for popping in the micro for a minute and getting THE BEST melty gooey peanut buttery goodness! Hell, I could eat it off a stick!

    I ALWAYS forget something once I sit down to eat! Usually my fork…or a napkin…and then I almost ALWAYS have to go back for more sauce/dip/whatever…I’m addicted to dipping! 😉

    Try the link in my post to Carrie’s voluminous oatbran! I wasn’t so sure if I liked it or not until I tried her way of making it…the addition of the protein powder, cinnamon, and vanilla really makes a difference. And it’s so FLUFFAAAAY! haha!

  14. I’m a “taster” too…I’m getting better about really honing in on my cravings so I can eat just what I really want and not end up grazing my way through the kitchen….but I’m such a snacker that “real” meals often don’t happen!

    I am in love with any and all nut butters….my latest and greatest creation? Maple Coconut Peanut Butter—LOVE.

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