The trip recap

I had full intention of taking lots and lots of pictures on this trip to Germany – but somehow in all the business of it all I missed a lot of photo-taking opportunities (bad blogger). I did however manage to capture the most memorable things.

All in all we spent 3 days at a campground and one day traveling.  The occasion – a sports summer camp.  I wasn’t actually originally planning to go, but one of my acquaintances was the organizer , and all my other friends were going and offered to take me along.

So first off – what I did. I spent a lot of time talking to people and making new friends. Thankfully sports weren’t the only thing on the agenda, and there was a lot of time just to hang out and talk. But that wasn’t the only thing there was to do. The campground – although it wasn’t fancy included a swimming pool, a big soccer field, a beach volleyball court, Ping-Pong tables, a pool table and a bowling alley. Basically there was no shortage of things to do in ones free time. The surrounding area was gorgeous as well – a densely forested area that seemed somewhat reminiscent of a fairy tale.

There was also a very picturesque little town located only 5 minutes away, with quaint little houses and shops.


I didn’t actually do any “workout” while I was there – I was too busy meeting new people and exploring the surrounding area.

There was something unusual I did get to see however, and that was a forest located about 10 minutes away from the camp site. Initially there’s nothing unusual about it, until you run across one or more of these guys.




Or these…..


As a matter of face we actually got to watch them being fed, and I realized I had something in common with these creatures – they love salad too 🙂

So during the day there was hiking and sports and at night we had parties and dances (even a costume party on the last night).

Then of course there’s the question of food. We were served 3 meals a day at the canteen on the campground. 2 of them (breakfast and supper) were buffet style, but lunch – the main meal in Germany- was served as a complete meal.  I packed a lot of fruit and crackers, and oatmeal bars which were a staple for me – although I really wish I had acess to a fridge, because that would have definitely helped with the variety. But the buffets served fresh veggies and fruit, along with whole wheat bread and rolls – and there was usually a non-meat source of protein as well (mainly eggs and cheese).  The main meals I ate seperatly, as there was no meat-free options and they were usually a mixture of whatever I had on hand.



A random lunch I ate : chickpeas, tomatoes, cracker breads, an apple and some granola bites

The most challenging was the grill night, because all I had to eat that evening were pickles and bread – but overall I managed fine.


All in all it was a great trip, I got to meet a lot of new people and see some old friends again. But there are several reasons I was happy to be home.

My first breakfast at home – oats with wheat bran, apples, chopped almonds cinnamon.

And this little darling.


Catch you all later – I have a bunch of unpacking to do 🙂


What’s the oddest meal you’ve had recently?

Do you enjoy camping?



  1. Yay welcome back! I love all these pics, especially the lemur and your adorable kitty 😀
    Sounds like you made the best of your trip, even amidst some challenges, way to go!

  2. Monkies? And lemurs?!?!? Omigosh I love those little buggers! But I have to say that that picture of your kitty takes the cake – what a cutie. I’m glad to hear that you had a good time, it really looks like a beautiful place. I enjoy camping, but I can only usually manage it for a few days at a time… after that I start craving a warm bed and a clean bathroom 😆 Still, the one thing I love about camping is how the simplest food tastes so delicious… like you can have a piece of toast with honey and it feels like the most amazing thing ever.

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