A hurried WIAW – and other news.

Another day, another Wednesday


Another delicious oatmeal breakfast

A  protein oatmeal/strawberry yogurt parfait with banana’s and a granola topping. Making oats the night before made this seemigly elaborate breakfast a very hurried afair. Actually getting a decent picture is what took the most time 😛

A hastly scarfed down snack – banana/blueberrie oatmeal snack bar, apple and some banana granola (2x)



Eating granola too fast gives you a stomach ache – lesson learned

A hurriedly prepared lunch – a cous cous chickpea, tomato and corn salad with a balsamic dressing.

And a plain jane (i.e IBS friendly dinner) – grilled eggplant, boiled eggs and crackers.

Dinner was weird because after snack and a paricularly severe IBS attack I wasn’t hungry AT ALL. It took me 4 hours before I could even think about eating again (I’m usually starving after 2). But I did what was right for my body, and thankfully I was able to eat dinner without any major consequences. Normally I might be tempted to skip dinner, but I had a pretty good workout earlier on and I knew I needed the fuel.

Unpictured were a nectarine, a plum and my afternoon snack (yogurt topped with a bit of cereal and an orange). And a taste or two of cheese fondue in the evening.

In other news I’m going on a trip to Germany for a few days and so there won’t be any blog activity. I’ll be back though – so no worries.

Travelling for longer periods of time will present it’s own set of challanges, as I am travelling with some hardcore meat eating/dairy consuming fanatics. My friends are generally understanding of my food philosophy, but this isn’t ALWAYS the case.  In times past not knowing where or what I was going to be eating would send me into a state of panic – but no longer. Actually, I’m very curious as to how I’ll handle the situation, but I’m very much looking forward to this trip.

I made a very encouraging discovery the other day.  My friend and I were talking and drinking some wine and he mentioned  (during the course of the conversation) that I was “rounding out” again. Amazingly, that comment didn’t bother me in the slightest. I was pretty sure the old “fat” feelings would come back today, but this wasn’t the case. All I feel is pride and how far I’ve come and an acceptance of my body the way it is. I know I could use an extra little meat on bones, so this comment actually boosted my self-confidence instead of lowering it. And it’s yet another reminder of how far I’ve come!

Sorry this post is all over the place, I’m crazy busy with getting ready for the trip and co-hosting a party tonight. Gotta run!


Do you ever force yourself to eat, even when you’re not hungry?

Do you have a staple “sick food” you eat when you’re not feeling well? I usually try to follow my craving and most often that turns out ok 🙂



  1. I force myself to eat when im not hungry just because i dont feel like dealing with the repercussions of skimping. My ED is still to strong and if one day of meals I cut back it turns into my new “daily” intake. I wish it werent that way but thats just where im at right now. Kinda stinks but I just force myself to suck it up and eat as to make sure I dont sleep any FURTHER then I already have…

    Have a blast on your trip! you deserve it ❤

  2. I am SO proud of you!! You dealt so good with accepting your friend´s comment and congrats on accepting your body, that´s such a major improvement 🙂 I am sorry you experienced some IBS pain during the day, but it´s good that you eventually ate that dinner (and it looks good to me, nice combination 🙂 I sometimes feel no hunger at all, but eat nontheless, especially if it´s been more than four hours since I´ve eaten something.. When I feel very unwell, I usually start with sweetened black tea. It never fails and then I can continue with eating something solid 🙂

  3. Toast- with jelly. Always when I’m sick.

    And I normally have it the other way around- I have to force myself to take a break from eating because I’m ALWAYS hungry!

    Have fun in Germany! I love Europe. I’d live there if it weren’t for the language thing… 🙂

  4. “All I feel is pride and how far I’ve come and an acceptance of my body the way it is. I know I could use an extra little meat on bones, so this comment actually boosted my self-confidence instead of lowering it.” <– I LOVE that, and I'm so proud of you, girl, for realizing that health is beautiful, and for being proud of yourself for all of the progress that you've made. Big hugs to you ❤

    I usually eat when I'm not hungry, because I find that going without food actually makes my stomach ailments worse. A lot of the time I'll feel crappy, eat something, and then actually feel better afterwards. It's weird, but I've found that letting myself get too hungry, or letting my stomach get too empty just makes things a lot worse.

  5. Grilled eggplant is amazing 🙂 Awesome eats!
    Usually i eat even when I’m not hungry, just so that old ED voice won’t lurk back in and try to make me restrict for the rest of the day. And it feels like I’m rebelling against my old ways so it’s kinda fun haha. Poo on you ED!! 😀
    Cereal always seems to make me feel better whenever I’m not feeling great, there’s just something about the crunchiness I guess 🙂

  6. When I’m feeling ill I tend to gravitate toward eating very little, usually cool, smooth things that go down easy. Not bragging or anything, but I rarely get sick, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that decreased food intake often at all.

    I also make myself eat when I’m not “hungry” because the truth is I probably ate too fast or my stomach is filled with water or air, and I’ll be hungry again soon enough.

    I’m glad that comment had no effect on you! Personally I get kind of down when my mom points out that “my ribs don’t show as much” or things like that, but lately I’ve been really focusing on ignoring the negative thoughts that come when I’m full (i.e. my stomach is expanded) or when I’m not feeling the greatest and I tend to get down on myself. Keep it up!

  7. Carry on the pride and take it with you every step of your journey! I am happy for how far you’ve come and all the steps you’ve made towards recovery.
    I tend to get tricked by ed thinking that im not hungry or I just sholdn’t eat, when really my body is craving food. Im working trying to make sure I get 3 meas and 3 snacks in no matter what.

  8. I’ve been eating so much eggplant lately. I love it!
    Usually when I’m sick I’ll eat soup or white rice with green tea and ginger.

    And I love your attitude about your friends comment. He obviously meant it as a compliment and I’m glad you were able to take it in stride!

    Have an amazing time in Germany!

  9. That parfait looks so good, I’m glad you took the time to get a decent picture of it! I have some stomach acid issues and there are plenty of times when I feel too uncomfortable too eat, but I force myself to anyways because I know it’s what my body is asking for 🙂

  10. You’re awesome! You really have come so far since you started blogging. It’s hard to even recognise you as the same person! It sucks how you have to be careful with what you eat. That mustn’t be pleasant. I have to be careful when it comes to things made with milk and cream because I coil over in pain after a few hours of consuming them. I am grateful that it’s not instant so I at least have time to get home before any unexpected “attacks” occur.

    Have HEAPS of fun in Germany, my friend!! I’ve always wanted to go there. Take plenty of pictures 🙂


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