Practice what you preach.

Wow, I’m so happy you guys enjoy that last post. Listening to my body was one of the most valuable lessons I learned in recovery, and I’m glad many of you agree with me on it’s importance.

Today was a real test if I can put into practice my earlier mentioned  views on listening to your body.

The morning started off well though. Despite a late-night party with friends I was up and alert by 7:00. I was able to say no to the extra drinks being served, and seem to be one of the few people without a major hangover. This delicious breakfast was already waiting for me in the fridge, all I needed to do was add the finishing touches.

Creamy banana-egg white oats topped with banana almond granola and a generous sprikle of cinnemon. These oats actually taste really good cold – perfect for a hot day like today

I never fully realized the difference in satiation I experience when I include healthy fats into my breakfast. This kept me SIGNIFICANTLY fuller then many other breakfasts in times past, and it really encouraged me to add more fats.

Lunch was also amazing – a morrocan spiced chickpea tagine -like dish with eggplant, carrots, roasted almonds and dried apricots served over whole grain cous cous – amazing stuff.

After lunch is when things got tough. I guess I must have gone overboard on the fiber thing again (maybe that second serving of salad wasn’t such a good idea) and I had horrible stomach pains. So I let myself lie down for an hour. Afterwards I felt a bit better, and my hunger had kicked in so I decided it was time for snack. Unfortunately that didn’t make things ANY better, so the pain/bloating and other IBS related symptoms continued.

I had a great workout planned for today, but by the time I was free to exercise I was so tired all I could do was collapse on my bed. To be honest I did feel pretty guilty, because I had really been looking forward to this workout all day. But I decided to listen to my body and rest, because obviously I needed it.

After that I decided that I wanted to enjoy the nice weather, and I thought a relaxing walk might do me good.

It did and although it wasn’t by any means power walking, I was able to relax and be “one with nature” for a bit. There’s something magical about the forest that gives me a calm and peaceful feeling whenever I’m in it. And I was able to score undoubtedly the last blueberry crop of the season 🙂

Dinner time came around and although I was hungry, I really couldn’t think of anything to eat. So I went back to my old staple, something that never gives me any stomach troubles – any guesses?

More protein peach/banana oats! With an extra ½ banana on the side for dessert.

I’m still in quite a bit of pain at the moment, but at least I have the satisfaction that I did what was right for my body, even if it was somewhat unconventional. Some days you just have to throw all the rules out the window and go with the flow. And although that’s hard it’s the right thing to do.

In other news I finally got my room cleaned up. I’m only going to be here short term so I didn’t put much effort into decorating – but at least it’s clean and organized.



Do you ever have sweet things for dinner – or is it more of a breakfast/snack thing? I’ll admit I almost never do, but today it was the only thing that sounded somewhat edible.



  1. When I think about it, I very rarely eat something sweet for dinner. Dinner is usually a salad time for me. But sometimes I snack on fruit after dinner, if you consider it sweet stuff 🙂

  2. Awesome! Way to listen to your body and rest! 🙂 I’m also loving your oat creations, bananas make everything deeelish 🙂 Sometimes I have sweet stuff for dinner, but I love it in the morning the best.
    By the way, your room looks fantastic, care to organize my apartment? Haha 😉

  3. Wow, hot damn, I like the room renovations!
    I typically have savory things for dinner and a sweet thing to finish my day. It’s rare that something sweet ends up on the dinner table… though I wouldn’t mind having oats or pancakes once in a while for a change of pace. :3

    And fantastic job listening to your body and not forcing yourself to workout. That would be a huge accomplishment for me personally, so I applaud your work!

  4. I love eating fruit for dessert after dinner, which I think counts as sweet stuff. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well. That’s never fun and I hate when stomach troubles ruin an exciting workout. Good job for listening to your body, though!
    I love the before and after picture. The room looks beautiful now.

  5. I’m glad that you were able to listen to your body today, and didn’t force yourself to work out when your stomach wasn’t feeling well. There are days where stomach woes get in the way of my planned workouts, too, and I find it’s better to give myself time off than force myself to do it and end up having a crappy workout. And I totally hear you on the fats for breakfast thing. Tonnes of almond butter on my oats makes sure that I stay full for at least a couple of hours lol. I have sweet dinners quite often, or if not completely sweet, then a combination of sweet and savory. I used to think that I was only “allowed” to have savory things for dinner, but when I would force myself to eat things that I thought I “should” be eating, I was never satisfied. Much better to just go with what you’re craving 😀

    • Ha! Amanda was the first person I thought of when I read your question. (I myself have like no sweet tooth).

      I am glad you are listening to your body — when your tummy hurts, it hurts!

  6. You did an amazing thing for your body today. I think it shows great strength when you are able to listen to your body and not your ED-fied mind. This is such a difficult thing to overcome but with practise gets much, much easier. I hope your IBS settles down after a good nights rest ❤

    Would you mind giving us a tutorial on how you make your oats? They look so good!!!!!!!!!!

    I tend not to have sweet things for dinner unless I'm REALLY craving them. Otherwise I will have a sweet and savoury dinner like sweet and sour stir fry or something covered in tomato sauce. Mmmmm 😉


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