Time for change

Hello again everybody.

I’m so glad you guys liked my last post. I usually have a general idea of what I’m going to write about before I sit down at my computer, but in this case I just let the words flow. I had no idea if it was going to make sense to anyone but me, but I’m so happy that most of you could relate.

So the week has been crazy so far (as always) and there are a lot of things changing. Of course, some things stay the same.

Like my morning bowls of oats :

I’ve discovered a new/awesome way to make very voluminous, creamy, protein packed oats. It’ll be in my recipie page soon, so stay tuned!

And my hummus obsession:


 If you’re not vegan you need to try the egg and hummus sandwich combo – it’s really good. Eggplant and hummus are a close second (particularly if your bread is hot out of the oven). Actually I today for dinner I skipped the bread and just went for a roasted eggplant with hummus on top – equally amazing. Try it!

And of course the occasional (incredible) summer salad when the sun decides to make a brief appearance – it’s been really lousy weather here recently.

An italian cous-cous salad made with brocollu, olives, cherry tomatoes and chickpeas dressed with a honey/balsamic reduction and italian herbs – to DIE for!

Actually I’ve been eating  a lot of great food recently but either it’s not an appropriate setting to take a picture. Either it’s a lunch at work, where we all eat together, or it’s just not photogenic enough for a photo. In any case, I have some new ideas for recipes I’ll be putting up soon.


And the changes I was talking about. Well first of all I’m changing rooms in my flat. I’m not 100% thrilled about it because  a) I’m a creature of habit and b) I get much more privacy. My current room is warmer, brighter and more spacious. But this is the state I got it in.


Obviously it’s previous tenant didn’t care so much about organization so the last few days I’ve been dusting, clearing, de-cluttering and trying to make the place livable.

I’ve been too tired to do it all in one night, so I’m still not 100% done with it. So no after picture JUST yet, but I’ll get there soon.

Also I’ve finnaly developed a workout routine that works for me. I love the burn that weight training gives you, so I’ve been doing a whole lot more of that as opposed to cardio. I’m also trying to eat more protein, though I’m still slacking on my healthy fats department. I’ve just gotten used to going without it, so most of the time I just forget. But I do feel and see the difference in my body (dry hair and skin) and the way it function – so I’m motivated to do better.

Actually from now on I’m going to be posting pictures of some of the meals I incorporate healthy fats into – joint accountability and all that.

I think my procrasitation in doing this is partially because I’ve developed and ED “fear” of them of sorts. It’s weird because I’ll fry my food in olive oil and it won’t bother me, neither will hummus made with hefty amounts of tahini. But a simple thing like eating a handful of nuts makes me feel anxious. And it really shouldn’t.

So enough is enough, starting from tomorrow healthy fats will be making a regular appearance in my diet. ED’s had enough to say on the topic, my turn to speak up.

I’d appreciate any help and support I could get with this. I know all the benefits healthy fats have for my body, but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

Hope everyone reading this is doing well!



  1. Looking forward to your recipe, yum! 🙂 So excited to hear you’ve moved into a brighter, happier room and that you’ve found a great workout routine! Sounds like your ED’s voice is getting weaker and weaker, way to go girl!

  2. Your room is looking a lot like mine. I’ve been -trying- to pack for my move, but I think I’ve only succeeded in making a mess lol. But it’s awesome that you got a brighter space. Light has such a positive effect on my mood, and bright rooms are something that I always look for.

    As for the fats… girl I can totally relate! I used to have a huge fear of them myself, but I promise you that you’ll experience nothing but positive effects from eating more. Since I’ve upped my fat intake, not only have I noticed positive effects in my hair, nails, skin, and energy, but I swear that I’ve gotten leaner too. All that “fat makes us fat” stuff is nonsense, so don’t be scared 🙂

  3. I’m kind of the opposite when it comes to fats: things that are whole (olives, nuts, avocado, etc.) that are higher in fat really don’t bother me, but when you make them a bit more concentrated (nut butters, oils), that’s when I get a little worried about eating them. Especially because I’d rather eat 5 olives instead of a tsp. of olive oil, but you can’t really saute vegetables in olives now can you?

    I’m pretty anxious to see the “after” picture of your flat! It’s always fun to change a room around or set up a new living environment. :3

  4. I can’t wait for the recipes.
    I’ve always had the fear of fats. I’ve had jars of almonds in my cupboard (I got one set aside specifically for me as per my nutritionist’s request, but my mom eats out if it anyway) that my mom consumes by herself because I’m scared to eat them. I have to, though and I’m definitely working on it. I just have to remember that it’s important to eat them for a healthy body that will stay alive for a long time.

  5. Well for starters I LOVE that salad bowl with it’s olives! They are so absent in the blog world and something I always have on hand and they are fats!

    So get good with the olives and perhaps experiment with an olive caponata — I have been meaning to make one. Becaus eif you’re cool with dips like hummus…this could be good and probably is. On everything.

    Could you maybe add some avocado or guacamole on your eats? They make these 100 calorie (sigh) packs of guac that are awesome because they allow you to go at your own pace and not go bad.

    But olives…make and olive hummus? with tahini?

    PS- Your room will be amazing.

  6. I’m the exact opposite with fats I can happily eat fats from nuts, seeds, and nut butters but I find stuff like olive oil, any oil based dressings, houmous etc really difficult. When I was first introducing fats I useed to put a teaspoon of seeds with my yogurt then gradually went up to tablespoons then I discovered food blogs and nut butters and began putting some in my porridge and in yogurt now I can do a tablespoon in a sandwich and spread it thickly on my banana. Can’t wait to read about your protein porridge!

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