Advice for the new month (WIAW early edition)


Always start your mornings with a good breakfast.

(Breakfast: Oats cooked with an egg white topped with1/2 banana, bluberries, yogurt and home-made banana almond granola) 

PS: eating it out of a fancy glass makes it better.

Never wait so long before trying to make your own granola


Snack – random granola bites throughout the day (one side is coconut banana crunch and the other in banana bread almond bliss – and yes I did come up with those names just now :P)

(Ps: The secret to this granola is that instead of adding a lot of honey and oil I add a really ripe mashed banana and honey. This results in a super crunchie, banana flavoured granola that I can’t stop randomly snacking on. I will be posting the perfected recipie some time in the near future)

Always have boiled grains/beans on hand so you can throw together quick, healthy meals when life gets crazy

Lunch: a “5 second”WI brown rice and bean salad with corn, bell peppers and tomatoes

Never say you’ve had “too much fruit”

Part 1 of a snack (plus more throughout the day)

Post lunch dessert

Always try to spend your rest days outdoors (weather permitting). The forest is a great place, particularly when fresh berries are in season.

Never use your sweater as a makeshift “basket” when you forget a jar. Berries stain!

Always eat your dinners outside if the sun is out.

Dinnera whole wheat roll with mozzarella, pesto and tomatoes, and hummus + eggplant (extra eggplant, mozzarella and tomatoes on the side)

Never regret having dessert (even if it ends up giving you a stomach ache)

Banana bread oatmeal “cookies”

Always try take pictures of everything you eat for WIAW.

Never pretend you succeed 😛

Things that went unpictured:

Part 2 of morning snack : a few handfulls of chickpeas

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese and crackers + celery sticks

Sorry this post is kinda all over the place. Intense stomach pain doesn’t do much to fuel brain power 😛 I still don’t regret dessert though.

Does food taste better to you eaten in pleasant surroundings/ out of pretty plates?

Do you ever manage to take pictures of EVERYTHING you eat?



  1. Your breakfast looks SO AMAZING! Oh my gosh. Your eats today are FABULOUS! YUM YUM! 😀 I tried taking pictures of what I ate today, but I didn’t get all of them. I was pretty close though! 🙂

  2. I agree with you on everything, especially that breakfast is the most important thing to start your day with 🙂 Nice plates/bowls make everything taste better 🙂

  3. As much as I’m trying to get away from rules and using the terms “always” and “never,” I like your advice. I also REALLY like the looks of your dinner! I’m dying to have some eggplant and our farmers’ market needs to hurry up and get some to their stand! I can only live on zucchini and tomatoes for so long. 😛

    • Ah yes eggplants. I love them and I’m really happy they’re back on the market. However I don’t have many creative ideas on how to make them aside from roasting and sauteing. Got any suggestions?

  4. The photography of your breakfast is so beautiful! I bet it tasted like a million dollars too 🙂 I don’t think I’ve been successful with taking pics of everything in one day, I mostly just plain forget haha!

  5. I don’t take pictures of my eats, unless they’re really pretty.
    & If im not on my laptop during a meal/snack, I make sure to be in a picturesque setting or at least have some good reading material 🙂
    That baguette looks amazing!

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