A “ruined” morning.

I woke up yeasterday with this song running through my head:

And basically that’s what I did all day long – absolutely nothing.

Well that’s not exactly true:

As predicted I made pancakes for breakfast:

Banana oatmeal pancakes topped with yogurt and a very, amazingly juicy nectarine – definitely the favorite breakfast of the week.

Followed by a kick-ass workout, blogging, lunch, a nap, and some TV watching.

Then I spied some bananas that were so dark they could only be used for one thing:


I made my first attempt at granola:

Banana honey granola with peanuts, raisins , sunflower seeds and flax seeds.

And I made the worlds easiest vegan “cookies”.

I actually forgot all about the oil when making them – so they were just oats, bananas and dates – delish!

The evening ended with 2 glasses of white wine and a movie with friends.

This morning I woke up bright and early. In fact it was a bit TOO early for my liking, but I just rolled with it. My friends and I planned a trip to town later on, so I didn’t mind being up a little earlier since I wanted to squeeze in a quick workout. Plus, I wanted to make some baked banana oatmeal and that takes a bit of time. So a got all the oatmeal stuff ready, stuck it in the oven and had a great workout. However breakfast was when things got a bit tricky. I share a flat with several of my friends and apparently they felt free to trash it out and wait for the first person up (ie. Me) to clean it up. Well I started doing just that when I opened the oven only to discover that my banana oats had overcooked. Not only that but since I wasn’t following a recipe when making them they turned out VERY bland. And the stuck to the ramkin when they were coming out – not cool 😦

Pretty sad huh? Especially if you compare it to this:

At this point I decided to call my friends to find out if we were still going out ( we were supposed to leave in 20 minutes) but my phone call ended up waking them up. I figured that meant that our trip was cancelled so I got to work preparing a better breakfast – French toast. Well halfway through making them I realized that the pan hadn’t been washed properly and my French toast had a distinct garlic flavor- not cool. At this point I was ready to eat my arm off, so I settled for a unusual (for me) breakfast – cereal with a banana and yogurt.

Halfway through eating I got a call asking where I was and informing that my friends were all ready to leave. I didn’t have the heart to tell them to wait while I got ready, so they went on ahead.

Naturally I was upset, frustrated and pretty unnerved by all of this. But after calming down a bit I realized that there were good sides to this situation. I was able to finish my breakfast – something I like doing in a calm setting. There were some household chores I wanted to do around the house that I wouldn’t have time for during the week. I WAS pretty tired and could use a nap at some point. And I would be able to have some alone time, without constantly being surrounded by people.  I might even have the time to take that long walk in the woods and go blueberry picking like I had been wanting to for some time. Suddenly the morning didn’t look so “ruined ” after all. I have the opportunity to make the best out of a bad situation, and I’m gonna use that to the full.

I realize that feeling sorry for yourself and moping around is nothing more then I giant waste of time. In my opinion the best thing to do when things go wrong is look at it as a challenge and try to use the situation to your advantage – no matter how “bad” things may look. It’s always good to look on the bright side, because that’s where all the fun is 😉

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

How do you usually cope when things don’t go your way?



  1. Girl I couldn’t agree more, moping and pouting gets you nowhere and you end up being in a sadder mood than before. I love how you’re gonna just live life and have fun even when things don’t go according to plan 🙂
    By the way, that granola looks awesome, nice job!!

  2. My morning started out poorly too. I always add egg whites to my oatmeal, and I woke up this morning to find that… we had no eggs. Boo. I moped for a bit, but ended up making the best of it and had a pretty kick butt breakfast anyways. I’m glad you were able to make the most out of a bad situation. I think every bad situation can be turned into a good one if you just have the right attitude. I hope the rest of your Sunday is much more enjoyable 🙂

  3. I always try to turn bad situations around, cause when I let them get too me I just get really down and frustrated. Doing things you enjoy, like going for a walk/berry picking is a great way to cope. 🙂
    I think im going to try baked banana oatmeal tomorrow!

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