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Hi guys!

Sorry I’ve been kind of tardy on the posting front, but things have been so crazy here I’ve been hardly able to catch my breath. Not that I’m complaining though, because a lot of great things are happening.

I’ve started working since Monday and to be honest it totally threw my perfectly planned schedule for a loop. Meal times, work outs, free time – all these things have been sort of “go with the flow” for me.  Add a few nights out with friends into the equasion and you’ve got yourself a busy little bee.

I also want to thank you all who commented on my last post and offered your words of encouragment. I am so lucky to have people like you behind me. Things have gotten much easier on the eating front and those urges have almost totally faded. Actually I’d dare say that working and being in this new enviroment is freeing me from the last bits of ED hang ups I had, because now everything is up in the air and I need to learn to just go with the flow and really listen to my body and what it wants. After all I need all the energy I can get for my job, and I’d really enjoy any to spare for my social life 😉

But with all this craziness there is on thing that has still remained the same – and that is my morning breakfast ritual (which I have actually come to treasure all the more).

I’m maintaining a very easy going approach to exercise at the moment – especially while I’m trying to get in the groove of things and work with my new schedule. My job is pretty active, and aside from that I do yoga in the mornings or evenings and go for walks. 

But then how can you blame me when you have something like this to go to.

Added perks and all

I am totally enjoying the ubundance of fresh blueberries that I have growing almost litterally outside my door. Right now I’m eating them fresh, with soya milk and cereal or adding them to my oats – but I’m totally looking forward to baking on the weekends.

I really appreciate the people I am staying with at the moment for being so accomadating of the fact that I don’t eat meat. The first few days I was in a bit of a shell shock as the only things in the house were bread, meat and cheese – not a veggie in sight. As I’m used to a very “fresh” diet naturally I felt somewhat uncomfortable with this new development. But I decided to stop worriying about something so petty and go with the flow – a few days without vegetables won’t kill me, and it’s good for me to break out of my comfort zones and old habits. And thankfully, today we went out grocery shopping and I got my vegetable fix.

And boy they never tasted quite as good before 😉

Alright that’s enough rambling from me. Hopefully I’ll be on here more often then not, but no promises :P. Hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. Way to tackle the “veggie-less” evironment head on! I know how you feel – I get the same way when I come home during 1-week breaks from college. The parents eat out all the time and when I get home I feel so stressed and I end up hauling a ton with me, but I’m getting better at just sticking to basics and enjoying the time home.

    Hope you have a great week as well!

  2. i can relate to the whole working thing – because ever since i started working, ive become super busy and have had to just be flexible about what i wanna do/exercise/eat – which is actually nice for a change. takes things outta my hand and makes me less of a control freak, and this feels more like “real life” if you know what i mean! and in some sense i feel less selfish too!

  3. you are strong, you are beautiful, and you are doing what’s best for your body by nourishing it. it may be hard to be back at a place with not-so-fond memories, but use this time as a chance to make things right. by going strong, you can have a good time in a beautiful place; you will always remember how it changed your life for the better. i believe in you, girlie~

  4. Oh boy I know the feeling when you’ve been without your beloved vegetables for day! When you eat them after a few days of not it’s like you’re being cleansed! LOVE veggies 🙂


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