WIA(TDB)W- also known as what I ate the day before wednesday. I felt like doing a WIAW earlier on this week, just to switch things up a bit.



So breakfast was …. wait for it… oats! Yeah I know this breakfast looks shockingly simular to last weeks post, but there is one important difference.

Banana oatmeal (ala Kath) with cherries.


These were rolled oats as opposed to quick cooking. I’ve been sticking to quick oats for my breakfast fix recently, but to be honest that flavour an texture of rolled oats is 100% better. And Kath’s banana oats never go out of style šŸ˜‰


Snack was a celebration of all the seasonal fruit – a yogurt, peach, cherry, banana fruit salad with a few handfuls of cereal (for crunch) plus yogurt.

Lunch was inhaled in less then 5 seconds because I had an urgent last minute appointment. So there’s no picture here – but it’s just as well because it was boring. A quick open faced sandwich with, 1/2 a tomato and cracker with peanut/date butter for dessert.


After a couple hours in town it was time to head back for a bit. Just as well because I was HUNGRY. But I didn’t seem to be craving anything in particular – but I was hungry. I opened the frige and saw – veggies. And at that moment I knew just what I wanted.

A veggie plate with my pea- white bean dip. Hit the spot!

(And the really awesome part is I accidentally deleted the picture – funny things do happen :P)

So imagine this:

With a really green dip in the middle šŸ˜›


Dinner was kind of a disaster. I was planning to make single serve “pizzas” for my family using Katies pizzert recipe. Well besides the fact that dinner was very late (my pet peeve) and that I ended up with one of the pizzas face down on the floor (I may or may not have kicked the overturned pan at this point), multiple burns and less then a good mood, I had about 1/2 of dinner right there. You see the problem with cooking pizza when you’re already hungry is that you eat enough toppings to make up your own personal pizza. So come dinner time I was very not hungry.

So I turned what was supposed to be an appetizer into my main course.

Oven roasted zucchini with different toppings (beans and sharp cheese, cottage cheese, marina sauce and mushrooms)

It was yummy, light and just what I wanted after all the cheese, mushrooms, broken pizza crust and random veggies I had consumed during the cooking process.

And to conclude the evening I had a cocktail while watching a movie. Just the right note to end the day


I have to say today was the first time I realized I had an explosive temper. Call me a control freak, but I HATE when I plan something special and things get out of hand.Ā  Add that to the fact I don’t manage stress very well and I go to pieces. Usually I resort to tears of frustration, but today it was full on irritation/anger. I guess being hungry also made me cranky, and that’s never good for morale.


What are your pet peeves?

Do you have an explosive temper? Or are you the sort of calm and collected person that’s never rattled by anything?

Thank you all who commented on my last post. I will be writing some more recovery-oriented topics as you suggested. I’m happy to share any of my experiences or things I’ve gone through with others if it’ll make their fight against this ED that much easier.

Also, sorry my post haven’t been very …. what’s the word… thought provocing. I’m dealing with a lot of stress atm, so when it comes time to relax the last thing I want to do is think. Hope you all understand šŸ™‚ But I have lots of ideas I’m waiting to share with you over the weekend, so hang in there šŸ˜›



  1. I’m loving that eggplant! It looks delicious and of course that wonderful fruit bowl<3 nothing beats a refreshing fruit bowl! I do have quite a temper some days, I can relate to you on getting upset when special things don't workout the way I had planned. I'm working on just trying to go with the flow and fix it to the best of my ability but that still doesn't mean I'm cranky and irritable.

  2. Those zucchinis look delicious. Actually all your emals do! And I agree – rolled oats are so much better than the quick variation. Sometimes a little more time devoted to cooking is so worth it!

  3. It’s like a loop I can’t get out of: Either I’m not really hungry so I don’t want to cook/taste to season at the moment, or I get to the point where I’m too hungry and I eat everything as I go along and then, like you said, I’m not hungry when it’s all done. I hear you about things not going according to plan too. I used to have a VERY explosive temper – I would hit things and cuss frequently, but I try to be a bit more relaxed, breathe, and just go with it now.

  4. I’m usually pretty “go with the flow” but sometimes I get frustrated! I don’t like when people are late, or when I have to wait on people. I guess I can be pretty impatient sometimes! That eggplant looks AWESOME!

  5. I love the acronyms. (0:

    I am making that whit bean dip STAT!
    Just catching up with your blog and I loved the healthy vs obsessive and the body image post. I relate 100%

  6. Your food is always so well presented!

    I can have an explosive temper when people eat my food or use my stuff without asking. It makes me VERRRRYYY angry!


  7. Those roasted zucchini are beautiful! I don’t really have an explosive temper. For the most part, I mainly shrug and say “meh”. Or else I whine. Yeah, I whine a lot.

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