Healthy or obsessive (and WIAW)

In healthy living, as with everything else in life, there is a very fine balance between being passionate and being obsessed. Obsessions, no matter how noble and good their object is, never bring about anything good. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between obsession and passion – they’re both one step away from each other. I find it helpful to keep safe guards in place in order to ensure that my habits are healthy and not obsessive.

  1. If I am able to enjoy an overall whole-food diet, but allow myself to enjoy treats every so often (which for me means more often then not) then I am keeping things in balance.
  2. If I am able to mold my diet and exercise habits in order to fit my life, and not the other way around. Meaning that I don’t base my schedule, the people I do or don’t see, events and activities I can or can’t participate in on my “healthy living”. It’s something I take with me, but that doesn’t control me.
  3.  If I am able to defend my beliefs and opinions if necessary, but don’t force them on others or look down on others who don’t act as I do.
  4.  If I am able to listen to my body over my mind. When I need the rest day, or crave something that would override a perfectly “balanced” diet I go for it, even if it’s not the “healthiest” thing to do.

So far my sticking to these safeguards I feel like I’m in a pretty good place – both physically and mentally. I’m also more convinced than ever that if you’ve developed good, healthy habits listening to your body is the best way to go. For instance – if you’re craving a bunch of sweets one day and you listen to that craving – chances are tomorrow all you’ll want is salad. Or if you rest one day, the next few days you’ll work out harder then you ever have. It’s all part of your body’s natural balance.

And now thw fun part – WIAW!!!


This WIAW came after a day of almost pure carbs (my stomach was in a major funk and basically all I could eat was banana oatmeal, dry cereal and some boiled veggies), so all I wanted today was fruit and fresh veg – not complaining though!


Breakfast “cherry cheesecake oats” creamy oats made with ½ banana,3 tbsp oats , 2 tbsp bran and 2 tbsp corn flour. A complicated combination – but it worked.

Topped with cottage cheese, homemade blackberry jam and cherries.

Lunch was scarfed down in a hurry, because I had to leave the house ASAP. So it was a pre-made creamy sweet pea soup. My favorite way of making soups creamy and filling at the same time is blending white beans into the mixture. The end result is a very hearty, creamy, thick soup.

For dessert I had a slice of sunflower bread with peanut butter hummus and apple slices. Don’t knock it till you try it ;).

This lunch kept me full for a record amount of time – about 4 hours. But by the 5th hour when I got home from grocery shopping I was more then ready for snack. It was probably the best thing I ate today, and sadly I didn’t get a picture – a juice ripe peace and sliced strawberries topped with thick, full fat yogurt (full fat all the way!!!). It was a dream.

Dinner was a total – “follow my cravings meal” and all I wanted was a huge salad and chickpeas – so that’s what I had.

Dessert included a cracker with peanut/date butter and ½ a small apple. A winner every time.

Happy WIAW everyone!

Do you feel you keep your healthy living in it’s proper place in your life. Do you keep any safe guards to ensure you do so?

Do you occasionally enjoy snacks more then meals. I must say I’m guilty of this all the time :P.



  1. I love your approach to healthy, un-obsessive habits! I wish you a lot of strength to stick with it! 🙂 It takes a lot of willpower to keep you healthy and still enjoy desserts every now and then, to think about your choices, but not become over-obsessive…
    I love snacks, sometimes I feel I would be happy snacking all day long :))

    Do you occasionally enjoy snacks more then meals. I must say I’m guilty of this all the time

  2. All your eats look awesome. I love snacks, in fact I snack more than I eat regular meals most days. I love that you’re listening to your body! That has been the hardest part for me. Slowing down and really listening to what my body is telling me it needs.

  3. So true – there can be such a fine line between obsession and passion! Your safeguards sound perfect to keep you on track. I feel I used to be a little too obsessive, whereas now I’m much more…carefree? I’m still aware of proper nutrition, but I don’t let it run my life.
    And yes, some days it seems like I have a lot of snack-like meals than full meals! I don’t mind it 😉 All of your eats look so good!

  4. It looks like you made a dilly dressing for your salad too =) recipe? haha! I’m awful at making dressings so far and will take any tips I can get! ❤

    I love your little bullets above about adjusting your diet to fit your life and not the other way around, and to listen to cravings — its such important information for everyone to learn… our bodies know what to do… we just have to learn to follow suit =) great post!


  5. Love your safeguards! Passion and obsession are tricky to deal with. I’ve very invested in my health, but not to the point where I let my physical health take priority over my mental health. Indulging won’t kill you 🙂 That snack looks phenomenal! Snacks are the best.

  6. The opening of this post spoke wonders of truth! I really like the guidelines and I agree with everything you wrote down to the T. I’m trying to apply most of it myself – especially listening to my body and not letting exercise determine whether or not I do something.

  7. I am so glad that you are listening to your body. That is one thing in my life that I am focusing on. The opening of this post is so true!!!! Thank you for all of the time you put into your blog!

  8. These days I tend not to focus a lot on my diet. I eat how I eat. Sure eating healthy food is important but in my past i’ve gotten so obsessed with healthy eating that it lead me to become the sickest i have ever been and I don’t really want to go down that path again. I do feel my best when I eat plenty of vegetables but I choose to keep veggies for main meals only. Snacks, to me, are for fun foods 😛

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