WIAW – late edition

This WIAW I was that person – you know the one who’s always “fashionably” late to the party.

But enough about fashion- definitely NOT my strong point – let’s get on to the food.

   I had quite a debate over breakfast – I was pretty sure I wanted oats (what else ;P) but in what form?

I could have overnight oats-


Creamy oat bran


banana oats with almonds


Cold oats topped with a blob of peanut-date butter and banana’s

(In the summer I’m loving just making the oats the night before, popping them in the fridge and topping them in the morning – especially if I’m using Katie’s voluminous oatmeal trick ;))

I was feeling snack instead of lunch – so I decided to go for it.

A veggirific snack plate – cracker toppings included cottage cheese, homemade hummus and cheese and chutney (my favorite sweet/savory combo to date)

It was all busy, busy, busy from there on out – lots of errands to run. And as per my “walking” policy, I got some exercise in there as well.

By the time I got home I was SO THANKFUL for my go-to quick meal – leftovers.

A curried millet, chickpea dish with broccoli, raisins chopped almonds. I added some extra cinnamon and coriander  in while cooking the millet and it brought the flavor to a whole other level. I’m just sad it’s gone now ;(. (And I just realized this is basically exactly the same lunch I had last week – must be good then huh?)

Of course there were also unpictured snacks during the course of the day which included

a carrot

an apple

and some dry cereal (I may be eating a bit too much of this recently)

Nightly activities included yoga, sparkling wine, good company and a movie.

And on a completely different topic:

I wanted to thank everyone for their support on my last post. I’ve managed to drag myself out of that slump and back into reality. The reality of the fact that life has so much to offer me and that everything I want is at my finger tips. I just need to reach out and take hold of whatever I want. Again I just feel so lucky to have a place where there are people who understand and offer such pricless support. You all are the best!!


One comment

  1. I love those nightly activities you described – definitely sounds like a night I would enjoy 🙂
    I am so glad for the last paragrah you wrote, you are right – everything is just as far as the reach of your hand, you only have to go for it!
    Your meals look good, sometimes there is nothing better than a nice “snack plate” for lunch 🙂

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