I’m still here

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say I’m still alive. We’re having a bit of an Internet (or rather lack of it) situation at my house and so I haven’t been able to pop by and see how everyone’s doing. Sorry for the lack of comments and the sudden disappearance – it most definitely wasn’t planned.

But I have been busy and productive in the meantime. Although life without any Internet access is inconvenient (where’ my all-knowing friend Google when I need him?) and has been a disruption of my routine (anyone else read blogs over breakfast – or am I the only one?) it has made me re-discover my love of hardcover books, leisurely yoga classes and randomly experimenting in the kitchen. Although I do hope to get it up and running soon enough, I’m sure this will “break” of sorts will be beneficial to me in many ways.

So what really significant stuff have I been up to. Well, aside from all the things mention above I’ve been fooling around in the kitchen a bit and tried out some grand new things – a pot barley “rissotto” with mushrooms, peas and green beans. I WOULD put up the recipe for this, but the flavoring was a bit off, so I need to experiment with the spices a bit before I do. But I most certainly WILL be having this again.


Oh, and remember when I said I didn’t like peanut butter? Well one lazy Sunday afternoon as I was munching on some peanuts and dried dates I had a flash of inspiration. Why not create a peanut/date butter. I started off by processing about ½ cup of dry roasted peanuts (I eyeballed it). When they were just starting to get nice and creamy I added in about 5 dates and kept on going. That turned out waaay to sticky so I cheated a little and added water to get the desired consistency. I imagine adding less dates/more peanuts would work as well. But boy is that peanut butter amazing. It’s more like a spread then a drippy nut butter, but I’m not one complaining!

The goods:


Other then that I’ve been running around between looking for a summer job, filling out application forms and other documents for the university I’m hoping to go to, and making regular trips to the local farmers market. I LOVE how cheep fresh produce gets in summer, and it’s always good to know it’s coming in from farms right outside town. And I’m totally loving the nice weather and sunny walks as well.

All that to say until next time (which will hopefully sooner rather then later). I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post, but I’ll try to keep up with the blog as much as I can.

Till next time!

Aui revour



  1. Glad you are back! I also love reading blogs in the morning while eating my breakfast. it makes the perfect morning 🙂

  2. I was wondering where you got to! It’s weird I used to really despise peanut butter and now all of a sudden I HATE almond butter and can’t get enough peanut butter! It’s good because peanut butter is a lot cheaper 😉

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