How to have a good weekend

(…. i.e my weekend recap)

1. Eat strawberries at breakfast, lunch and dinner (and any time in between just because you can)

2. Visit the university you plan to be studying and get started on the enrollment process :).

3. Do a bit of sight seeing while you’re there.

4. Work hard….. (a.k.a entertain kids at an event for 7 hours straight)

5. Have  dinner and a few drinks when you get home, and watch a funny movie.

6. Talk to your friends on the phone for far too late into the night.

7.  Wake up early on a Sunday morning and make a pot of oatmeal for the rest of the family (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the oatmeal lovin’ department 😉 )

8.  Run in the sunshine and enjoy the amazing weather.

9. Do some yoga when it gets too hot to run.

10. Make an oatmeal-cornmeal pancake and mentally congratulate the genius inventor.

10. Work some more… (see pointer 4)

9. Come home and whip up a family dinner in 30 mintues flat (we’re talking about cooking for 9 people here) and feel like a rock star when it turns out great.

I followed this recipe but used less cheese and added some mushrooms - it was a winner

11. Read your favorite novel till your eyes begin to close.

12. Write a short blog post and call it a night.


What “tip” from your weekend would you add to this list?



  1. That´s a great list! I totally did number 1 – I ate strawberries the whole weekend:) Some other tips? Watch a good movie. Enjoy lovel weather at the swimming pool. Paint some pictures. Sing your fave songs.

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