My first ever WIAW

So I decided to jump on the WIAW bandwagon – cuz it just looks like too much fun to miss out on. I always kind of held back from joining in, as my eats aren’t exactly fancy and neither is my camera. So no matter how good they taste they hardly ever look that way. But I figured, why not. So without further ado:

Breakfast was a new one, and to be honest I was a bit unsure of myself as I was putting it together. But it ended up goooooood 😛

Presenting a non-oat breakfast (the first in a looong time). Pot barley cooked with extra liquid and cooled overnight -topped with almonds and a chopped apple. Yum!

Believe it or not pot barley has a very unique, chewy texture that makes it a great alternative to oats. You don’t need to cook it in milk or anything, because as it cooks it produces a creamy liquid all on it’s own. I’ve never had it in “porrige” form, but this was actually pretty tasty…

Moving right along.

I was hungry about 2 hours later (what can I say … the story of my life) but I wanted to work out, so I fueled up real fast with the last raw oatmeal raisin almond “cookie” I had stashed away….

And did a awesome kick-boxing DVD. I love kickboxing, always makes me feel empowered.

Post workout I wasn’t really hungry, but there was one thing I was REALLY craving. And when push came to shove I just couldn’t say no  and I didn’t want to😛

sweet, juice orange = best refreshing summer fruit 🙂

Then instead of cooking one meal I cooked 2 because I was co-hosting a kids party in town and I knew I wouldn’t be home till LATE. The problem with me cooking is that I keep tasting the food before it’s actually served, so I end up spoiling my appetitite (boo). So although I wasn’t really hungry for this lunch, it was so yummy I ate in anyways.

That would be a single sized pizza based loosely off Katies pizzert idea, with a side of sauteed zucchini and mushrooms. I was planning to make it vegan and use hummus instead of cheese but no such luck – we were out of hummus. Oh well, it was good anyways (and of course there were seconds involved as well ;). I ate the whole pizza after all. )

The afternoon was all go-go-go for me, so no snacking happened. Not like that bothered me much because lunch sat in my belly for a good LONG time. It was almost 5 hours later I started feeling hungry, and when I arrived home I was ready for dinner.

Unfortunatly dinner was not ready for me 😦

I forgot to put my food in the fridge and it somehow managed to go bad after only 5 hours. Weird no? So although dinner was supposed to look something like this:

A millet, brocolli, white bean salad with sauteed mushrooms and spices.

It ended up being this:

An open faced sandwich on sunflower seed bread with sunflower seed/ broccoli spread (recipe tomorrow) and veggies (x 2 plus) a cucumber and tomato. I really didn’t feel like putting effort into dinner after having already trashed one 😦

And I rounded out my eats for the day with a drink – a plum flavored beer. Not like I’m a huge beer fan or anything, but it was a nice way to end a long day. :

And now I need SLEEP, so goodnight all!

What’s the best thing you ate today?

Do you taste your food before it’s actually time to eat it? Or do you just throw all the ingredients together and hope for the best?



  1. thats great!! I love the idea of having other grains for breakfast- definitely have to try it.
    I made choco pecan butter today with some prunes in it- so good!!
    I always taste as I make which I suppose I should stop because I’m never as hungry as I could be when it comes time to eat…

  2. I’ve been working on “seasoning as I go” while I cook so as to make a better final product, but I feel like it ruins the “surprise” of how it’s supposed to taste in the end so I don’t always want to.

  3. Wow, plum flavoured beer? Sounds interesting:) I really like pot barley, it has that nice chewy texture! Sorry that you dinner “went bad”, but you made a nice alternative:) And kickbox dvd´s are great, I like Jeanette Jenkins´ DVD, she is awesome.

  4. I love barley in savoury form! I’ve never thought of having for breakfast with sweet things! Great idea! x

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  6. All your food looks so yummy! I tend to eat as I cook which is something I NEVER used to do but when I used to have the rule that i wasn’t allowed to taste as I cooked, more often than not I would sit down to a meal that didn’t taste all the great.
    My favourite thing that I had today was the most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had. OMG!

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