New week resolutions.

Unlike most people, my least favorite day of the week in Sunday. Weird right? But that’s only because I devide my weekend up into two parts. Usually on Saturday I chill, rest and relax. Very little is planned for the day, so I pretty much go with the flow and do as I like. Sunday on the other hand, is a different story. Sunday is the day I tackle all those pesky little tasks that people hate doing, all the random chores you leave for “another day”. And believe it or not I don’t mind that part of Sunday. I love feeling productive and getting things done. What I do mind is when all of that gets done and I am left wondering what to do. I’ve already relaxed enough, and I have nothing more to do. I’m pretty much just counting the hours till the new week starts and I can get on with the usual routine and work schedule. I admit I am a bit of a work-a-holic, but I’ve accepted that by now.


Veering off topic I had a rough night last nigh. I ended up working out yesterday and boy did it feel great. I don’t work out much these days, at least not in the very conventional sense of the word (more on this in an upcoming post), so I get an awesome adrenellin high when I do. It’s almost hard to stop. Anyhow after working out I just wasn’t hungry, like AT ALL! I knew I needed to refuel some, especially since I’m normally a snacker and my blood sugar levels drop at a crazy speed. So I ate a little bit of cereal (1/4 cup maybe), some yogurt  and a small apple. It’s all my stomach could really handle, so I felt fine about that amount.

The problem was that I hadn’t eaten much during the day either. When dinner rolled around I was hungry, but I didn’t have much of an appetitie. So I ate something small and expected to be set for the evening.

No way! My appetite turned into a full fledged monster and I just couldn’t get full. I continued snacking all throughout the evening and didn’t feel so great afterwards :(. Of course I should have known better then thinking I could work out without properly refueling my body, and then expect not to pay the consequences. Still, I went to bed in not the best of spirits.

I woke up still somewhat bloated and feeling less then stellar. To top it off I was having  bad body image day, so that didn’t make things any better. A while back I would have used my feelings as an excuse to restrict my food intake in order to try to “make up” for all the snacking I had done. But would that be the right coping mechanism?

Nope, so I moved on! It was hard, it still is hard, to ignore the negative voices inside my head. But instead of letting this experience be a negative one it opened my eyes to some bad habits I’ve fallen into lately. I’ve taken to drinking coffee when I feel a lack of energy instead of eating, not eating enough calorie dense foods, not mindfully eating etc. So here are my resolutions for the week.

  1. Drink less coffee. I love this stuff, but only so much is good for you, then it becomes detrimental. Especially when you trade food for coffee.
  2. Eat more fats. Time to stock up on my nut butters and start using them! Somewhere down the line I stopped doing this, although I know it’s the secret to me staying full and energized.
  3. Enjoy more meal times with the family. So often I just retreat to my room and eat so I can keep working on whatever I need to. I deserve to take a break to enjoy my foods.
  4. Refuel properly after work out – quality carbs and protein people, and eat enough throughout the day.
  5. Smile and say one positive thing about yourself each and every day.
So I’m going to be starting this new week on a good note. I just need to remember that feelings are not reality and mistakes are beneficial if we choose to learn from them.
Got any resolutions for the week ahead?
What do you re-fuel with after a work out?


  1. I love those resolutions, sound like healthy ones and I bet you´ll be able to stick with them:)
    I am the same when it comes to Sunday – after all the work is done, you are left with a strange feeling of emptiness that needs to be filled with something…
    Don´t be too hard on yourself for not being perfect all the time, for eating too much some days or for working out too will sort it all out as soon as you are ready for it:)
    For a post-workout refuel, I like peanut butter sandwich with banana, oatmeal with protein powder or protein powder chickpea pancakes. If you don´t feel like eating, start with something small and make your way to a proper snack!

  2. I almost wish you didn’t have to “refuel” after a workout; I’d rather eat and then workout but then you “have” to eat afterwards and I don’t want to stuff myself with two meals, etc., etc.. I also find it funny how you work your weekends. I do the same thing except switch Saturday and Sunday around. 😛

  3. fats are a resolution for me to include in my eats this week too!
    bring on the nut butters, avocado, and mayo. 🙂
    For refueling, i usually go for cerealand milk, or yogurt and granola.

  4. The best thing about this whole situation is that you’ve learnt from it! We can’t be perfect at recovery all the time. In order to learn, we need to make mistakes and I believe that you can’t recover properly unless you make these mistakes and learn from them!

    I remember when I used to run I never felt hungry afterwards but then an hour or so later I’d be soooo hungry. Apparently it has something to do with a certain acid being released into the stomach that temporarily suppresses hunger.

    I like this one: Smile and say one positive thing about yourself each and every day.

    🙂 xxx

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that Sunday is my least favourite day of the week for the same reason as you! I always leave everything to do on Sunday 😛

  5. I like your attitude. This is SO much a problem for me, this appetite deal.
    Yes, it is good that we acknowledge our hunger late at night but it messes us up. Better to circumvent the problem by eating regularly and yes, even when we are not up to it.

    • Hey Missy. You have no idea how good it is to know that I’m not the only one that struggles with this. Yes, from now on I am totally making more of a push to eat enough BEFORE I go to bed.

  6. I love this idea! Definitely into the fats one! Also, I love eating with my family! I grew up having the evening meal round the table with a lot of chatter, it’s one of my favourite times of day.

    I’m so the same with Sundays. I leave all my work to pile up, I do nothing constructive on Saturdays and then bemoan myself for being so last minute all. the. time. I think Thursday is my least favourite day though; so close yet so far! 😉

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