Eats (vegan and other).

I think the title says it all….
I’m not sure if I put a time limit on my vegan challenge, but I’m divided on weather I want to continue it or not. Actually, no I’m not 😛 – I’m totally continuing it because it’s way too much fun! It’s pushed me out of a lot of food ruts and helped me to discover new and probably otherwise unexplored food options. It also helped me to realize once and for all that I am (unfortunately) lactose intolerant 😦 , and that I need to seriously look into some other options for getting calcium. Any ideas?
But I don’t mind because there’s so much good food out there that doesn’t involve dairy -such as this :

In order of appearance:
  1.  Kath’s Bean Burgers (this is seriously the easiest veggie burger ever) with a massive side salad.
  2. Italian millet and cannelloni bean salad with sautéed mushrooms, zucchini and fresh bell peppers and sweet corn (this was my favorite vegan meal so far).
  3. Pasta (that I never eat because it’s just not my thing) with lightly steamed broccoli in a white bean sauce (basically pureed white beans, olive-oil roasted garlic, basil and oregano) topped with sun-dried tomatoes
Of course I was lovin’ on leftovers as well 😛

In case you're wondering what the heck that is - it's crumbled veggie burger over brown rice - LAZY!!!

Although the food was great – I’m not ready to go 100% vegan yet. I love my yogurt too much 😛
Case in point:
Overnight oats – I eat them so often during summer it’s crazy. But I loooove the thick doughy texture coupled with the fresh fruit. Using flavored yogurt (such as blueberry that was used in the last photo) makes it all the more fun!
And other then that – I love creamy yogurt paired with fruit and nuts – yummo!!!
(A tip about yogurt – if you eat it – never go with the fat free stuff. It’s not even close to as good as the 2% or full fat – trust me on this one 😉 )
Are you a yogurt lover?
What are your go-to breakfast during summer months? (And plllllllllllease don’t say smoothies because they do NOT fill me up in the morning, no matter what I put in em’ )
(Oh and thank you all for your comments and support on my last post. I think it really is an important issue and I’m happy you all agree with me 🙂 )


  1. Good calcium sources are blackstrap molasses, beans and dark leafy green vegetables.
    I don´t eat yoghurt anymore, but I used to love it before going vegan.
    I eat my oats for breakfast no matter what the weather is 🙂

  2. I love yogurt! I think my body needs a lot of dairy because I crave it a lotttttt! Ive tried to cut it out before when I was having bad stomach issues but I didnt like it!

  3. Leafy greens like kale, broccoli, yogurt, and fortified milks (soy, almond, etc.) are pretty decent sources. Remember that your body comes first and if you need to eat a few things that aren’t vegan to stay healthy then by all means do it!

    And though I love smoothies with some greens and a TON of granola and nuts on top, like you, it keeps me full for about 45 minutes and then I’m extremely hungry again. Usually in the summer I switch between some kind of cooked grain with nuts to a savory breakfast of leftovers and/or some eggs, toast, avocado, potatoes, etc.

    • I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who digest smoothies crazy fast. I see bloggers right and left eating them as meals and wonder what’s wrong with me 😛

      And thanks for all the breakfast ideas – they sound good!

  4. I’m loving oatmeal combos at the moment. I’ve also been craving big chunks of pineapple…….mmmmmmm! I also love red berries topped with soy yogurt and muesli or granola. So balanced and healthy 🙂

  5. Your eats look so delicious!! ESPECIALLY your pasta with white bean sauce (i’m very much a pasta fan). I MUST try that 😉

    I am most definitely a yoghurt lover. I just went dairy-free over the weekend to see if I felt better without it and even though I felt a tinsy bit better, I’d feel much better all round (mainly mentally) if i ate yoghurt. OMG I just cannot live without it.

    In the summer, I love having toasted muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit with some soy milk on the side. Or pancakes with fresh fruit and yoghurt mixed with maple syrup. MMMMM anything with the fruit of the season, I say!!


  6. Oh yes. I love yogurt. Living in France was like yogurt heaven, I miss all that choice so much! Totally agree…fat free yogurt should be banned…it tastes awful and it’s sloppy.

    I love yogurt messes the most in Summer. Pancakes all year round in my house too! Also I like regular cereal with fruit but I tend to end up eating half a box of cereal so…not so much! 😉

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