A vegan challenge

Boy am I tired! And yes, being tired after a weekend makes you wonder what the rest of the week is going to look like 😛 But actually I’m the kind of person that has more hectic weekends then week days. So although I spent the week working I left all the odds and ends for the weekend – and boy was the weekend busy!

My recreational activities included spring cleaning, driving, co-hosting a kids birthday party, cooking, zumba-ing, yoga-ing, grocery shopping and baby-sitting. Sounds like fun, no 😉

And in the midst of all this craziness I still managed to come up with a new way to keep myself even busier.

(Cuz I’m crazy like that.)

I realized that when times get hectic, I tend to fall into the trap of “convenience food”. I eat the same things, day after day, regardless if they give me the energy I need or not. For instance I spent the last week working the afternoons at a kindergarden and I would always end up grabbing a quick sandwich before running out the door. Not that sandwiches or bad or anything, but they never held me over till it was time to go home. Almonds and apples became my best friends (my no.1 on the go snack) – but it wasn’t always convenient to eat when I was “on the job”

So I decided to force myself out of the box with this new challange – eat one vegan meal a day. Why you might ask? Well I’m 100% behind the concept of a vegan diet, and although I simply don’t have the money or the means to adopt it right now – I think it’s a very clean way of eating. And it requires just a little more planning then simply a “vegetarian” diet. You can’t just slap some cheese on with butter bread add a slice of tomato and call in lunch; it requires a bit more forsight (or at least for someone who doesn’t eat vegan on a day to day basis). I think this challange will help me to pre-plan my meals a bit better and hopefully bring some variety into my eating habits. And since I’m trying to discover more about what triggers my IBS – this might be helpfull in that since as well.

(A shout out to all you vegans reading this – if you know of any quick and easy vegan meals – please leave a comment or link me to a recipie. I’m really exited to try out this new way of eating)

I will try to be posting the vegan meals I’ll be eating – just for fun. Hopefully with time I’ll get a bit more creative – as the weekend meals were sort of ho-hum.

Saturday: Vegan meal #1 – a polenta, refried bean, corn casserole (that kinda feel apart after I pulled it out of the pan) topped with with tomatoes and avocado. I luuuuv the combination of beans and avocado – it’s my new favorite! Plus a random veggie salad on the side – obviously I need to go veggie shopping 😛

Sunday: Vegan meal # 2. It was freezing and cold and wet so all I wanted was comfort food – soup! A lentil, split pea, barley soup with carrots and cauliflower.

Yeah, I know it looks ugly 😛

But since soup never really fills me up I had a dessert – had to make sure it was vegan though. This was a bit of a dilemma at first, but I came up with something 🙂

A raw almond, raisin oatmeal cookie (I made these when I was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards).

This combination kept me full for 4+ hours which is amazing for me, considering I usually eat every two or three hours. I guess I know what to eat on days I need fuel for long amounts of time.

Ok I’m not sure if this post makes any sense but I’m too tired to care. Have a great week everyone and eat something vegan!

Do you resort to “convenience foods” (i.e sandwiches, bars) when things get busy?

Do you have a vegan recipie you think I should try?

Do you pre-plan your meal (or do any kind of prep work) beforehand or do you alway make everything from scratch as the mood arises?



  1. The only “convenience” food I go to is a Larabar and I usually keep one in my backpack for emergencies (read: when Dan starts to get in a pissy mood and needs nosh). And on top of that I usually try to plan out a meal or prep a large batch of something and eat as I go along in the day. The worst part is I spend too much time thinking about what I’m going to eat next and when. =\

    I think simple bean, grain and vegetable salads are a good vegan recipe you can make. Just take equal parts of a dried bean and grain, cook them, toss them with some chopped raw or roasted (or sauteed, etc.) vegetables, add some kind of dressing or sauce on top, mix it all together and you have a simple one-bowl recipe that works for any meal.

  2. Grain bowls with beans or tofu, grains, veggies and a sauce/dressing of your choice. Carrie calls “luscious bowls” it’s cute.
    I also like to make a bunch of veggie burgers and freeze some for if I’m ever in a rush.
    That so great you are committed to eating more plant foods. Any small changes you make can really make a difference in how you feel. Good luck 🙂

  3. I never realised this before but when I’m busy with uni through the week my lunches and snacks consist of sandwiches and bars! AAAH I’M A SLAVE TO CONVENIENCE FOODS!

    I LOVE the combination of beans and avocado, as well. ESPECIALLY in a wrap with cheese…and tomato..and salsa..and lettuce…oh my *dies*.

    These days I tend to make everything from scratch as the mood arises. I hate planning a meal and then sitting down to eating and thinking that I really don’t feel like what I’m about to eat. When I was more rigid about my food I would always plan my meals ahead of time and I would ALWAYS want what I planned. But now I have so many options to choose from, I have no idea what I’ll be wanting! Who knows, I might just grab a take-away like I have been doing an awful lot recently…


  4. This is so amazing you are trying the vegan challenge! I bet you will be successful! You can try this website if you haven´t yet, there are many delicious looking meals: http://foodgawker.com/post/category/vegan/
    Also I like to combine veggies (frozen or fresh), some kind of grain (brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, bulgur) and legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils) and then I pour a bit of olive oil and liguid nutritional yeast over it. Salads are amazing vegan option. Sweet or savoury oatmeal tastes great. If you like sweet meals, you can make fruti “pudding” by blending cooked millet with banana or other fruits. Smoothies are also awesome!

    BTW my weekend looked totally the same as your, event the zumba and yoga appeared on my weekend schedule:)

  5. I usually make time for food. I’ll do the bagged salad thing when I’m busy, but I usually make time to make myself something yummy.
    I like to plan at least my breakfasts the day before because then it is easier for me to stick to it and not get overwhelmed.
    Love me some plants!

  6. This is a fantabulous idea. I eat vegan a ton….yet all my meals are convenient. I rely way, way too much on those boxes of veggie burgers. I am a connoisseur. My best attempt at spelling that by the way.

  7. I am really behind vegan diets, too, but living at home and on campus makes it difficult. I really want to try it sometime, though- so thanks for the inspiration!

  8. i’d say 2/3 of my meals are vegan – sandwiches, soups, and salads are definitely my mainstays, but i also like roasted veg + beans over a bowl of rice/grain – perfectly filling!

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