Fats – good or bad?

Hi guys!

Today has been CRRRRAAAAZY. I signed up for my next driving exam (it’s on next Thursday so keep your fingers crossed) in the morning, came home and tried a new recipe for lunch. I was kinda afraid of how this was going to turn out, as I didn’t really have time to pay much attention to it while it was cooking. Thankfully I was not disappointed and was actually rather pleased considering we have very limited supplies in the house at the moment.

Basically what it was was a cauliflower, chickpea, carrot curry. I just boiled the chickpeas (about 2 cups), drained them, dumped a bunch of broth in (1 1/2 cups) and added some frozen cauliflower and carrots to the mix. Then I added 2 tsp of curry, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/2 tsp paprika and 1 squeezed clove of garlic and let it all boil away for about 45 minutes. In the beginning it resembled a stew but then it turned into a thick sauce as the vegetables absorbed a lot of the water. I served it over some brown rice and would have added some salty peanuts and something to give it more of a spicy chick, but we didn’t have any of the above. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Then I found out that we might be going to see our relatives on Thursday. So after lunch it was just a crazy rush to do last minute grocery shopping, pick up fresh produce from the Farmers market, pack, make some bars for the road, cook dinner for my family while clearing out perishable goods from the fridge, and eat something myself. Well, I managed to do all of those things and I am left with a empty fridge, a clean house, delicious oat bars and a tummy ache :(. Let’s just say I’m not one of these people that can “eat on the run”. Oh well, I still feel pretty accomplished 🙂

There was some action going on around the farmers market today – a pre-Easter market. Here they sold fake flowes, decorations, delicacy meat and sausages and adorable handmade ornaments. I really had fun walking past and looking at all the goodies and enjoying the sunshine. Of course then I had to run back home and was really pressed for time the rest of the afternoon – but it was worth it 😉


Ok, I think I’ve beaten around the bush enough already – onto the actual topic of the post 😛

Today I wanted to do a post about something that I had a very unhealthy attitude towards for a long time – fats!

Since I started “dieting” the first thing I cut out was fats. It seemed the most logical, you don’t want to be fat, eat less fats .(It always bothered me a bit they call overweight people “fat”. Why don’t we call muscle bound people “protein” then?) First thing I noticed was that I CRAVED fatty foods like there was no tomorrow and eventually ended up giving into them – in the form of cheese, butter, cream and whatever else was available.

Although I’m not bashing any of these food items in moderation, the way I would eat them took it to an extreme. The reason of course was that my poor body was so fat deprived it saw anything fatty and I couldn’t help but think it was delicious. Looking back I didn’t even find half the things I ate appetizing later on, but at moment all I wanted to do was eat sour cream out of the container with a spoon (freaky, no?)

Then I developed an ED which even more firmly cemented these negative attitudes towards fats, so I became even more obsessive in avoiding them. I would eat nuts from time to time, but then I looked up the calorie content and never touched them again. I would get crazy cravings and spend all day distracting myself so I wouldn’t give into them – talk about stupid, pointless and a waste of time. Then there were the time I would cave in and eat a handful of nuts and spend the rest of the day beating myself up about it and purging/exercising it off. Not pleasant memories 😦

When I first started my recovery journey I was still paranoid about eating fat. I maintained the same unfounded fear that eating a tiny bit of fat would turn me into an overweight woman overnight. It took a long time for me to reintroduce even the smallest bit into my diet, and I could only mentally handle eating a certain amount at a time (1 tsp of oil for cooking my food, 1/8 an avocado).

As I got more interested in healthy living and eating I couldn’t help but notice how most healthy bloggers featured a fair amount of healthy fats in their diet – though nuts, avocados, olive oil, seeds etc. Ever so cautiously I ventured out and tried incorporating more of these foods into my daily diet – and I’m so happy I did!

Here’s the positive changes I’ve experienced since eating more healthy fats:

  • I used to have to eat a BUNCH of food to get full. This would result in me feeling overstuffed, sluggish and bloated. Now I can eat a moderate amount and feel full – but energetic and revitalized at the same time.
  • The food I eat not only makes me full faster, but it holds me over for longer amounts of time. If I know I won’t be able to eat again for another while, I just amp up the serving of nuts/nut butters in my food and I’m set
  • I have much healthier skin, nails and hair.
  • My food tastes much better (honestly, most low-fat products are NASTY and pumped with artificial junk)
  • I have become way less restrictive with my food choices and am more free to experiment and try new recipes.

I don’t generally eat deep fried, greasy foods because they give my already delicate stomach a hard time – as does overly “rich” food (think chocolate cake or cheese cake). So listening to your body is key, and generally what you need will “feel” good to your body as well. I get probably about 90% of my fat intake from nuts and seeds (I eat a small serving with every  meal in the day ) and I feel great afterwards. Some days it’s more, because that’s what I feel like eating, other days it’s less. But I will say it’s very libirating not to have to obsess over weather this or that food “has fat in it” because it’ doesn’t matter.

So basically this doesn’t work for me

But this most certainly does 🙂

I think most people are aware of the health benefits of the so called “good fats”mono -saturated, polyunsaturated and Omega-3 fatty acids . But I wanted to mention as a side note that saturated fats are also a needed part of every healthy diet. Cell membranes are made up of both unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, which means the body needs a variety of fat sources. Without saturated fat, they would lose their stiffness, and be unable to function properly. We should eat some foods with saturated fat so our body can absorb and utilize other essentials. In addition saturated fat contributes to brain health and immune health. So although the key is moderation and balance full-fat dairy, eggs, coconut and other such foods are NOT THE ENEMY.

And neither are fats 🙂

Ok so I think that’s all for today. Tomorrow I will be posting a follow up post… with a surprise – stay tuned!



  1. Hey there! I’ve just stumbled upon your bloggie – loving it so far! I can totally relate to so many aspects of your story and your history with ED. And I especially LOVE this post about fats – I hate hate hate the bad rap they get among people (stooooopid low-fat diet fad). Fats = fabulous!! And really, what DOESN’T taste better drizzled in some extra virgin olive oil?? Exactly 😉


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