5 quirky facts about me and a new challenge.

1. Some girls collect shoes, others collect handbags or jewelry – I collect ponchos 🙂 What’s not to like about them – they’re comfortable, versatile, colorful and all round cool. I don’t wear them half as often as I should though (I blame the freezing cold weather), but I still have a hefty collection. Yeah, I’m a total “hippy” like that 😛


A few exhibits of my collection.

2. I keep my food in the oddest of places – in my drawers, cupboards, in my handbag. This may seem funny but when you live in a house with 8 other people, it’s the harsh reality of your life. We abide by the “finders-keepers” rule in this house, and unless it’s something like uncooked lentils it’s bound to dissapear sooner rather then later.

Some of my secret hiding places:

3. Comfort >fashion in my books. My two most commonly worn clothes items are my fuzzy Christmas slippers and my “granny” sweater. I don’t see the point of getting all dolled up if you’re just in the house – but that’s just me.

4. I love tiny things (could also have something to do with the fact I’m not too tall myself). The smaller the cuter(a.k.a the better). So I love little bowl, spoons, cups, candies, pillows, computer etc. I actually just bought myself a tiny net book which I absolutely love 🙂

Mah bowl

My little net book (although this picture doesnt really capture how small it is, my hand is there as a scale)

5. I have two personalities – the quiet, sweet, shy girl or the crazy, outspoken, silly one. If you just met me, you’ll see the first side. But once I start acting a little crazy around you, you know we’re good friend 😛

Sweet , shy side


This picture is a million years old – but it’s still me (this is obviously the crazier side :P)

Alright, so I’m bored talking about me already. I’m onto a new challange I’ve made for myself, which is varying up my daily snacks. I am in a MAJOR snack rut right now, and it’s about time I break out. As great a yogurt messes and hummus and crackers are there’s more exiting things out there. And since I am opposed to food ruts, it’s time to kick myself out of my comfort zone and branch out to try something new.

But I need your help!

Frankly I really have no ideas for quick, inexpensive, healthy and satisfying snacks – so I’d appreciate any suggestions.

What’s your favorite snack?

What are 2 quirky facts about you?



  1. Hehehe I have to say you look AWESOME dressed as a guy…kinda hot 😛 that is so creepy of me to say hahahaha. I’m like you. I’m soooo shy when I meet new people and then once I’m comfortable with someone I just go crazy.

    My favourite snacks are things like milk and cookies, muffins, brownies…any random creation I make. Or nut bars! I’ve been eating a lot of nut bars recently 😛

    2 quirky facts about me…hmmm…I’m naturally blonde but my eyebrows are dark brown…I have a “thing” for red headed guys haha.


    • Haha, I’ve gotten complimented on my “guy look ” before, so don’t feel too weird. Some of my friends have said “Leelu, if you were a guy I’d totally be all over you” 😛 Not sure if that’s a compliment or not… but I won’t analyze that too much.

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