Diet vs Lifestyle

This is a topic that a lot of other bloggers have mentioned, but I feel entitled to do a mini-rant on the topic.

It all started with a friends status on facebook “Exercise is so much better then a dieting” . There were 23 comments on that status and at least 5 likes and a heated discussion about diets and weight loss.

First off- why are people so into diets?! What’s the big deal and why is it such a hot topic of conversation and discussion? People view losing weight as some kind of a great accomplishment and it is generally congratulated and highly coveted. Why is it that people feel comfortable posting weight loss pictures on-line, but feel like it would be weird posting pictures of perfect or near-perfect exam results? Personally, I think the second accomplishment is far more impressive then the first. Yet if I were to tell someone “Hey, I got 100% score on my last exam” they would congratulate me and move onto another topic. But if I were to say “I lost X number of kilos on my diet” it would immediately spark an engaging discussion with the other party curious to know exactly how I did it – the more specifics and details the better.

Simply losing weight does not make you a more happy,beautiful, successful person. People lose weight when they have a stomach flu, you know? It’s not THAT great of an accomplishment. Especially since most diets are a) unhealthy, b) the cause of general grouchiness and c) don’t work.

I’ve tried dieting on and off before my ED and I can safely attest to the fact that they DON’T WORK. They work for a week, a month, or a few months if you’re lucky – but they never pan out long term. And while you’re “on a diet” you generally feel deprived, grumpy and envious of all the people that aren’t.

However, I do have admiration for the people who eat healthy and have changed their lifestyle. I firmly believe that if you do your best to eat a balanced, healthy diet your body will find it’s “original state”. That means if you needed to lose weight – you’ll lose it, and if you needed to gain a bit – you will. Although some people take more time then others to get into the “groove” of healthy living – it’s doable and possible for everyone. And the people that have made a complete change around in their lives and have experienced health benefits as a result – they have my respect.

When I was dieting I always felt deprived. I would see delicious food in front of me and desperately wish I could have some, and I was jealous of all the people who didn’t have to count every calorie they put into their mouths and could just ENJOY LIFE. I was usually in bad mood because I had no energy, I felt sick and weak most of the time as well. Add an an extreme exercise regime to that and you get a very miserable person. I got to the point I was so hungry that any food – no matter how disgusting it may seem to me now – seemed like the most delicious thing in the world to me at the time.

Now that I’ve jumped on the healthy eating wagon I never feel deprived. I don’t crave junk food, there’s just no appeal for me in that. I do however listen to my bodies cravings and eat what I feel like, regardless of calorie or fat content. Today it was a bunch of trail mix and oatmeal cookies. Although these things are “‘high calorie” they are healthy, good for me, and I feel good when I eat them. If I’m able to make a healthy and yet still insanely delicious indulgence all the better for me, right? And if I feel like some chocolate or ice-cream once in a while I won’t say no to that either, because a bit of everything in moderation is good for you.

Here are some delicious foods I’ve been enjoying recently:

Apple pie overnight oats - overnight oats topped with caramelized apples, raisins and walnuts - yum!

A simple omelet with mushrooms and baby spinach - I LOVE BABY SPINACH!!!

Lentils, toasted walnuts and sauted mushrooms served over brown rice (the potion pictured was about 1/3 of what I actually ate :P)

Strawberries, banana and thick yogurt - the best thing in the world!

Proof baking is not my forte: banana oatmeal chewies (the looked horrible, but they tasted good!)

Why do you think diets and weight loss are such interesting topics?


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  1. i agree that the diet craze is really annoying — and it’s quite triggering to my anorexia. i have never formally gone on “a diet” even despite my eating disorder. the atkins diet, the cabbage soup diet — they are all just unhealthy and don’t work in the long run. for healthiness, i completely believe in a lifestyle change! great post lovie.


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