Favorite meal of the day.

I remember at some point in my life reading that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, and that skipping it was a big mistake. Up until that point I was in the habit of frequently skipping breakfast, because it just didn’t seem that important at that point. Now, it’s a crucial start of my every day. And here are some reasons why I love breakfast:


– It’s my “me” time. The mornings are usually pretty quiet and undisturbed, the day hasn’t gotten started yet. There are no pressures (usually), no things I need to hurry up so I can take care of. I can take my time to plan, cook and eat my breakfast in peace. And as an added bonus, as one of the few meals of the day I can actually take the time to stop and make the presentation nice as well.

A bowl of oats, basking in the sunshine 🙂

–  I can indulge my sweet tooth for the day. Somehow eating sweet at any other meal doesn’t appeal to me – but first thing in the morning – yes please!

Thick, chocolate, pudding like oatmeal for breakfast - well if you insist 😛


– I get in some wholesome nutrition straight off in the morning. Since my breakfast is usually oatmeal, it’s a good way to make sure my day starts off on the right foot (nutritionally and energy wise). I know some people who eat Mars bars for breakfast – I really don’t understand how they can have fuel for the day after eating that.

(Another reason I like oatmeal is that I’ve discovered it’s one of the best vehicle for different nut butters).


Whipped banana oats topped with bananas and some kind of nut butter.

– It’s the one meal I really have time to experiment with and try different things. Although I kind of shy away from doing anything too radical with the first meal of the day (ruining breakfast is the perfect way for me to ruin my morning 😦 ) I occasionally break out of the box and try something new and different. Of course when push comes to shove, I usually end up back at same old, same old (which never gets old in my opinion 🙂 )


Today's breakfast - cinnamon French toast with cream cheese, apples and cinnamon and almond butter. Three cheers for successful experiments

Cereal mess with pear, almonds and yogurt (the yogurt is there, just hiding under all the toppings)

Not pretty, but it's my go- to recipe for overnight oats. If you like thick, creamy oats you'll love this !














And because you really care, here are some of my rather odd breakfast rituals:

– I always eat out of the same bowl and drink my coffee out of the same cup. It just makes everything taste better 😛

– I usually read blogs while eating breakfast.

– I never drink my coffee before breakfast.

– I always scrape the oatmeal pot after I’m done cooking.

– I put my hot oats out of the window to cool before I eat them (and I bet the neighbors think I’m psycho, but it’s better then ruining the fridge with the hot steam).

– I very rarely eat breakfast past 9:00 AM (even on weekends).

My breakfast bowl and coffee mug.

So now’s your turn…

What your favorite meal of the day? And if it’s breakfast what’s your favorite breakfast?

Do you have any quirky food rituals?




  1. All your breakfasts look wonderful. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day too. I think I would seriously die if I didn’t eat in the morning, lol! And I have to eat within 1 hour of waking up. However, I can’t stand having the same thing for breakfast 2 days in a row – I have to mix it up. I usually rotate oatmeal, cold cereal/yogurt, bagels or some sort of muffin, and granola bars/yogurt – all with a banana of course!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! You are absolutely stunning btw! I love breakfast too….especially the breakfast buffets when in hotels 🙂 I look forward to reading more sweetie!

  3. I know I SHOULD eat breakfast all the time, but I rarely do. I usually wake up, drink a cup of water and then head to class. The first time I eat is dinner time. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of eating breakfast though, I know how important it is!

  4. Breakfast is my favorite as well and it’s because of many of the reasons you already listed. I like how quite and peaceful the morning can be, I like that I’m starting out the day with something fueling and nutritious, and something sweet like a nice bowl of oats with tons of nuts (I prefer crunch instead of nut butters – too mushy for me) is just perfect. Though if something is hot to begin with I hate when it cools and if something is cold I dislike when it warms up. 😛

    I usually get back to my dorm after my workout / shower and sit down with the morning paper and do the puzzles while eating. If it’s the weekend I’ll either read blogs or just veg out and enjoy my food.

  5. I am just like you in terms of loving and needing that serenity in the morning. I love to take my time making breakfast, and slowly sip my coffee, eat my oats, and read a magazine or catch up on the blogs. Even on days when I have to wake up early, I always give myself 45 minutes to prepare and enjoy my oats and little bit of reading. Like you, I use breakfast as my “me time”, and it has certainly become my favorite meal of the day!

    I’ve been thinking lately that it really is ritualistic behavior (my breakfast preparations), and I’m not sure I’m okay with that. I wonder what I would do if I woke up elsewhere and didn’t have my breakfast that I enjoy and am used to. Whenever I visit my boyfriend, I bring my oats and all the fixings along with me, and he is used to it, but sometimes I just want to wake up and eat a bowl of cereal just to say that I did it, and can be okay with it. Right now I’m in the process of gaining a bit of weight, so it’s necessary for me to have a hearty breakfast that’s chock full of peanuts, walnuts, peanut butter, etc…in order to get a calorie dense meal packed with nutrition and energy.

    I suppose with time I will be able to eat something else in the mornings! What do you do if you are not at home for breakfast? Any suggestions? Nice to meet you, by the way 🙂

    – Alli

    • Hi Alli. It’s nice to meet you too!
      I can relate to unwillingness to step out of a breakfast ritual that you enjoy, especially in the beginning. I would suggest that you pick one breakfast a week to try something different while you’re at home by yourself, in a familiar surrounding where you feel safe. It’ll probably feel a little weird at first, and possibly you won’t like the “new food” as much as you like oats – but then if it’s ever impossible for you to have oats it won’t be such a big deal to eat something else.

      When I’m not at home I usually try to work with what’s available. Sometimes it’s eggs and toast, or cereal, yogurt, dried/fresh fruit and nuts; toast, nut butter and banana. I’m not a huge smoothie fan, but that’s also an option if you blend up something to give it a little more “substance” (oats for instance) or have it alongside toast with nut butter. And if the situation allows it I’ll take my oats with me so I can have my favorite breakfast “on the go” as well.

      Take care Alli, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. This was definitely speaking my language. I love breakfast. I agree, it is the best meal of the day…Every meal should be breakfast I think. And my usual breakfast (like yours) is oatmeal in some form. Love it!
    As for food rituals, yea…sadly I have quite a few. Same coffee mug, bowl, and spoon for breakfast, and then the order/manner in which I eat foods is ritualistic. I’m trying to get out of that…
    I loved this post and seeing all your yummy brekkies. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Looks yummy. Nice oatmeal and breakfast bowls! I’m curious about your journey. How “low’ you’ve been…and were you able to fight back from a super, uber low weight by yourself?

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