Appreciation Wednesday – My upbringing

One thing that you guys should know about me is that I love travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a family that was constantly on the move (pretty much all of my siblings were born in different countries) and so I had the opportunity to see a lot of different things and experience various cultures.The countries I’ve lived in include: Russia, Hungary. Poland. the Philippines, Czech Republic – and I’ve visited many more.  The fact that I had a somewhat unusual childhood (I never spent more then a year in one school, I didn’t have any “childhood friends” that I grew up with, and coming back to my “home country” always felt a little odd) is something I am actually proud of and wouldn’t change even if I could. I think that my life would have been so much more boring and ordinary, had I not had the opportunity to experience all that I did. I also feel like my world view is a lot more expanded then other people my age that grew up in the same town their whole lives and went to Egypt once on vacation.

Here are a few pictures of the places I’ve had the opportunity to live in :

A jeepney in the Philippines (the prime means of public transportation)

Charles Bridge - Czech Republic

Can anyone guess where this is? Moscow!

Budapest at night - pretty isn't it?

I think your upbringing has a big part to play in who you are. I don’t belong to the group of people that believe in blaming absolutely everything on their past, childhood and upbringing. Yes, these things do influence you, but ultimately YOU CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Blaming other people is the easiest thing to do, the hard part comes when you have to face up to your own actions and say – “I messed up”. But that’s kind of off the topic.

Another thing I am proud of about my upbringing is that I was brought up in a family where a healthy diet and lifestyle were highly encouraged. This means I grew up having veggies served at both lunch and dinner, and snacks generally consisted of fruit, nuts and occasionally leftovers from previous meals (yah, my parents were saving like that :P). Sure, I remember my parents buying me a doughnut on the way home from school, or packing some cookies into my lunch box from time to time. But these were definitely “special occasions” rather then day to day occurences.


My most favorite salad as a kid - grated carrot, apple and raisins

Exercise was also something that was highly applauded in my family. According to my parents the more time we spent outdoors burning off our energy the less we spent at home causing trouble. I don’t think our health was the deciding factor in why we were encouraged to play sports, but I’m sure it came into the equasion at some point.

I have to say that I do thank my parents for giving me a good background in healthy living. I think I might have taken it a step further then them at this point (my dad for instance believes that butter is the best condiment to EVERYTHING), but I can never relate to the people who grew up without knowing what a vegetable is (“What’s that green thing on my plate?”) So all I can say is “THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!”

So all that to say – this week for appreciation Wednesday I wanted to appreciate these parts of my upbringing that make me who I am today. I think I have a childhood to be proud of, and that something I appreciate about myself.

What was your favorite “healthy food” as a kid?

What is something about your childhood/upbringing that you’re proud of?



  1. Wow, did you take those photos? They’re spectacular, especially the Budapest one!

    I’m proud of the fact that my parents were, and still are, extremely supportive of any of the decisions I make and they’re always willing to lend a hand when I need it. And though I wasn’t as fortunate as you to have some tasty and healthy snacks, I do remember my dad slicing apples and sprinkling salt on them and I would eat them as fast as he could cut ’em up. 😛

  2. My favourite healthy food as a kid was probably… well… everything! Haha. I was never very picky, and I’ve always loved my vegetables. Having said that, my absolute favourite was probably squash. I’ve been a squash fiend since birth.
    I was brought up to like healthy foods just as much as unhealthy ones. I ate lots of veggies and roasts and homemade food, as well as tons of chocolate and ice cream. THAT is what healthy living is to me 🙂

  3. Szia Budapest!!!
    Yes, yes, yes, LOVE that picture! I get what you mean about traveling. I am so lucky as well. I have only lived in one place my whole life, but I’ve traveled to 13 countries. I have a friend whose mother was born and raised in the town she lives in now. How sad, huh? I would HATE that.
    I’m also like you in that I rarely got those treats as a kid either. 2-3 cookies in my lunchbox or a slice of pie after dinner were rare and extremely appreciated goodies. Most of the time I got balanced meals full of whole grains, fruit+veggies, high protein, and healthy oils. Fast-food wasn’t a no-no, but it wasn’t something I ever craved, because my body was just used to the higher quality food.

    Honestly, the more I read your blog, the more I realize how much I relate to you. Seriously, there’s so much that I’ve read for which I’ve said, “Oh, me too!” 🙂

  4. I love this post! While I’ve never lived in another country, I have lived in 3 states (in the US) and traveled to 24 states, Canada, and the Virgin Islands. My family moved almost every 2 years when I was growing up and like you, I wouldn’t change that for the world. I loved seeing new places!

    As far as healthy food goes, I LOVED broccoli, green beans, and pretty much any other vegetable as a kid (and I still do!). We’ve always been healthy in my family, too, although we do eat dessert every night!

    Thank you for sharing – I enjoyed learing more about you!

  5. I am so jealous of your travels! Living in New Zealand makes it harder (and a lot more expensive) to travel the world but it’s been my dream to do so and there isn’t anything stopping me…apart from money. But I can definitely see myself travelling with my job in the future 🙂

    As a kid, I used to be fed chocolate bars, muesli bars, crisps…junk basically. When I saw the food that my friends had like chicken sandwiches on multi-grain bread, I yearned that my Dad would make that for me one day but we were on a tight budget those days so I understood that he never would be able to. I grew up eating very unhealthy foods. I actually have my eating disorder to thank (that sounds so wrong but anyway…) for getting me into eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

    Something I’m proud of about my upbringing is that it was drilled into me by my mum to say please and thank you. All. The Time. Now, I can’t so anything without saying please or thank you. It’s an automatic thing for me to say! Haha.


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