Had a bad day…

This is the song that’s running through my head right now:

Today was just one of those days, you know? The days where everything just bugs you and you feel lousy no matter what you do.

Actually my morning started out ok. It’s hard for it not to be when you’ve got something like this sitting in fridge with your name on it (figurative speaking, although since I share a fridge with nine other people it’s a good idea).

Overnight oats (1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup milk with 1 tbsp ground flax) with chopped up pear, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey)

The morning was pretty uneventful – shower, study, housework- the usual. Snack rolled around and I was in the mood for experimenting so I tried to make cookie dough hummus. Did not work for me! I’m not sure where I stayed off the path of goodness, since everyone raves about it, but it tasted gross. I consoled myself with a bit of savory hummus with carrot sticks and the best brain food in the world.

Crackers and home-made roasted chunky almond butter with banana and coffee

Millet chicken casserole with sauted mushrooms and cauliflower

This snack was filling to say the least, so lunch rolled around and I was not in the mood to eat. But since my family is European and we eat the main meal at lunch time it was unacceptable for me to skip it. Actually in my case it’s pretty much unacceptable for me to skip any meals, but this was a definite no-no. So, slightly begrudgingly, I consumed some sustenance.




Eating when I’m not hungry is hard for me, especially since battling disordered eating. I didn’t feel stuffed after lunch, but I wasn’t hungry to begin with, so it was a yucky feeling. I kept repeating to myself that normal people occasionally do the same, but it didn’t really help. I decided some fresh air might do the trick and I had something to do in town so I got dressed and headed out. The weather was a stark contrast from yesterdays (it was cloudy and rainy) and that didn’t do much to elevate my mood. I came home almost more annoyed then when I went out – hungry but without an appetite. I started snapping at people right and left and gradually got grouchier and grouchier.Then I realized that being hungry was not going to help the situation at all. It was not going to improve my mood, or help me feel less annoyed. Although eating was still the last thing from my mind I decided to try to find something simple but tasty:

A cereal, apple, ricotta cheese parfait of sorts 😛

With that fuel in my belly I decided to clean, clean, clean (my ultimate bad mood outlet). By the time I was done the house was shining, supper for the rest of my family had been cooked and my stomach was growling.

I successfully tried  hummus crepes in the past, and planned to have them this evening stuffed with sauteed spinach and mushrooms. Unfortunately that wasn’t happening because I have the worst none-stick pan in the history of the world (EVERYTHING sticks to it), so I ended up with hummus scramble. I was too hungry to have a go at round two  (I had already been snacking on some leftover cauliflower), so I settled for something significantly less troublesome and fairly fool-proof:

Hummus and cheese toast , spinach and cheese toast with a side of veggies

Oh yes, I probably violated some unspoken health food rule by eating cheese two night in a row. But I wanted it and it was yummy. And why is cheese considered so “unhealthy” anyway? Cheese has a high calcium content, protein, and B vitamins, plus a large amount of other essential nutrients such as phosphorous, zinc, riboflavin, and vitamin A.  (Basically I can eat it and I won’t die from the saturated fat content- my reasoning for why most people are scared of it :P)

More almond butter!! (This may or may not be tied into the fact that I want to make some raw almond butter ASAP))

And because I was wanted just a little something more, let’s throw in “desert” for good measure.

After dinner the bad mood faded, and thankfully I feel much better now. Bad days come and go, but if you look on the bright side (and maybe eat some good food on the side) you’ll get through ok.







How do you vent your negative emotions? I clean or occasionally cook for random people. I find it somehow therapeutic.

What unspoken “health food rule” have you violated recently?



  1. haha i eat cheese like everyday pretty much! I love it, i didnt know that was a rule nor do I care about that rule 😉 so sick of rules…

    Dana xo

  2. haha i eat cheese like everyday pretty much! I love it, i didnt know that was a rule nor do I care about that rule 😉 so sick of rules…

    Dana xo

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